What if Al Capone was involved in something far more dangerous than booze in prohibition-era Chicago? Starting in August, Tommy Gun Wizards from Dark Horse Comics will explore an alternative, magical history of the hunt for one of history’s most notorious gangsters. The series marks artist Christian Ward’s (Black BoltInvisible KingdomODY-C) first foray into writing, with Sami Kavellä (Abbott) on art duty.
According to The Hollywood ReporterTommy Gun Wizards will be a four-issue mini-series set in an alternate 1930s Chicago. Therein, anyone can have magical powers if they take a certain drug and pay the associated price. Thus, the city is filled with not just monsters, but wannabe wizards too. This makes the job of Eliot Ness and the Untouchables — the special agents who took down Capone after two years of work — that much harder.
In addition to writing the series, Ward will provide art for back-up stories and provide colors alongside Dee Cunliffe. Declan Shelvey will provide a variant cover for Tommy Gun Wizards #1, which hits shelves Aug. 28.
Tommy Gun Wizards cover art