To the surprise of zero people, the LA Comic Con which was announced for early December isn’t going to happen, it was announced yesterday.

While organizers Comikaze last month said they would attempt to run the show with enhanced safety measures, California’s decision not to reopen theme parks — which would have led to more events happening — forced them to postpone the show to September 24-26, 2021.

Last week on Oct. 7, Gov. Newsom finally gave an update on reopening plans for theme parks, which most people thought would precede event and convention guidelines. In his announcement, the Governor said he had decided NOT to provide reopening guidelines yet for theme parks, and by extension, events. Without guidelines, there is no way for LA County, the City, or event organizers like us to know if the plans and changes we made to be safe will be right, or enough. So with that new direction from the State, we are rescheduling.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, LA Comic Con had been announcing guests and exclusives for the December show, including guests Zack Levi, Tom Welling and Frank Miller — all are confirmed for the 2021 show.

Tickets were on sale, and according to Comikaze, 70% of the available passes had been sold, showing either a huge vote of confidence or a desperate need to do things in person again. Tickets that have been purchased will be refunded or rolled over to the 2021 event. You can also buy a Hot Topic Silent Bob Funko Pop that would have been the show exclusive, although the link isn’t working at the mo.


Big events for the first half of 2021 are already being rolled to the fall, including music fest Coachella. When things open up, it’s gonna be a very busy fall, we hope.

Despite the fall rise in COVID cases, some comics events are taking place in New Jersey and Florida.

When the announcement to go on with LACC was made, many predicted the event would never happen. Comikaze says that they tried to push forward because of fan demand. A few observers suspect there may have been insurance issues at play, as well, but whatever the reason, sadly, it’s just not safe to go to a comic con yet.