Industry professionals may cast the votes in the 2014 Harvey Awards — no time stamp is mentioned but I’d hurry up and get it done if I were you.

The Harveys will be handed out on September 6, 2014 during the Baltimore Comic-Con.


  1. Can I ask a question? Why is it that every year every comic blog/artist bombards their feeds with voting for the Harvey awards. It’s like you all think only comic types read the blog? I know it seems like I am trolling but when you follow lots of comic types, it’s wearing to hear keep being reminded of voting for something I am not allowed to vote for. One doesn’t see bombardment of “vote for the Oscars” by George Clooney because he is smart enough to know that a tiny percentage of his twitter (if he has twitter) are Oscar voters. I imagine it’s the same at the Beat.

  2. It’s a very small industry. I’m sure there’s a higher percentage looking at sites like these (and this one, especially) than you think. It’s also an industry with a very heavy online presence, so it makes to notify creators this way.

  3. I wonder what an ‘industry professional’ is, is it simply a person who makes their living from comics? Rather than those who have day jobs and create comics on the side, for example?

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