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Multimedia reading and performance
Plus! Dazzling dancer Fuschia FoXXX! (Voted one of the Stranger’s “Sexiest Citizens”!) Scantily-clad boy AND girl sirens, including Holly Chernobyl! (Also voted one of the Stranger’s “Sexiest Citizens”!) Chocolate kisses! More!!

Thursday, February 28, 7pm
Bailey/Coy Books
414 Broadway Ave. E. (across from QFC)


  1. As I have done with many comics works in the past, I requested my local library get a copy of Lust. After all, they had other Forney books available. Heck, I’m on a waiting list for two of them.

    Anyway, yesterday, I got a call from one of the acquisition librarians telling me nervously that the library wouldn’t be ordering the book. She started giving me the “budget cuts” excuse, but must have remembered that I was one of the more vocal supporters of the library levy that just passed and switched to “it’s not really a book we think we should buy.”

    I didn’t make a deal about it. This is a pretty conservative town. But I was amused by her obvious discomfort.


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