Yet another institution is jumping on the graphic novel bandwagon, with a comics night at Joe’s Pub’s Happy Ending Reading Series:


The consistently sold out, Happy Ending Music and Reading Series, chosen by New York Magazine and NY Press as the best reading series in NYC, and singled out by the New York Times Magazine for helping to “Keep downtown alive,” features the most interesting storytellers, writers, musicians, raconteurs and personalities, and requires the readers to take one public risk, while the musicians, who perform two short sets with their original, lyric-driven music, are required to play one cover song and try to get the audience to sing along. Called the “most vital authors’ series in the city,” by Time Out NY, and known for its consistently good taste, Happy Ending has launched careers and proudly, ended none.

Featured Artists

* Chip Kidd
* Brian Selznick
* Laurie Sandell
* Amy Correia

The show costs $15 and starts at 7:00 pm.


  1. Graphic book night? Ye gods, people, they’re comic books! Comix! COMICS!

    Makes me want to climb a tower with a megaphone. and don’t get me started on “graphic novelist”. Yeesh. if you write, you’re a writer; if you draw, you’re an illustrator; if you do both, bless you, you’re a cartoonist. rant rant rant blah blah blah.