Talk about a bromance! Manly director Guy Ritchie is set to direct the LOBO movie…let’s start the campaign to cast defining artist Simon Bisley in a supporting role NOW! There’s gonna be so much bonus testosterone on this project that Megan Fox is gonna turn into a sprint champion.

Warner Bros. has locked Guy Ritchie to direct “Lobo,” the live action adaptation of the DC Comics drama about an alien interstellar bounty hunter.

Don Payne wrote the most recent script draft, and Joel Silver, Akiva Goldsman and Andrew Rona will produce. Pic is a co-production between Silver Pictures and Weed Road.

[snip] WB is aiming for a PG-13 rating. Pic will be strong on visual effects, and Ritchie will bring the irreverent, gruff tone of past films like “Snatch” and “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.”

PG13 — boo hiss.

Seems that the WB isn’t taking DisMarneyvel sitting down.


  1. “Seems that the WB isn’t taking DisMarneyvel sitting down.”

    So, they set this deal up and wrote all the drafts…in the past two days? Wow. Even Ben Hecht didn’t work that fast.

  2. Well, the PG-13 rating is to show that Warner/DC can put together a movie as action-packed as Fox/Marvel’s Wolverine movie.

    I’m not as big a fan as other people, but it’ll be interesting if any of the anarchic and irreverent tone will come thru or if it’ll get watered down in the retelling. Like “Demolition Man” with KISS make-up.

  3. Evan, I think it was more getting the announcement out. A lot of WB Dc movies have been kind of sitting there for a while. I look for some more tit for tat in the near future.

  4. LOBO was one of the trashiest, grittiest, filthy, dirty anti-heros from my childhood, and I totally loved the character for that. I hope they don’t try to water him down in order to lock in a PG-13 rating. I’d think by now, the studios should be able to tell that they can make a boatload on hard R comic adaptations. Ya Bastich!

  5. The DC Comics “drama”? I can think of alot of words to describe the Lobo comics…but “drama” doesn’t exactly top the list. “Dark comedy? Sure. “Sci-Fi biker fantasy”? Yeah. But “drama”? Wow.

  6. At least with Ritchie directing Lobo, Beat fave Gerard Butler might get the role instead of say Dwayne Johnson. What worries me is the story description that Lobo teams up with a teenage girl. Now that’s watering down the character…

  7. Yeah, what Sean Collins said. The announcement that they’re planning on making a movie about a character nobody in the real world has ever heard of isn’t going to increase Tums sales at the Disney cafeteria.

    Ma Hunkel, The Red Bee, sure.

    Lobo, not so much.

  8. Lobo got me into comics in the first place, so this one is really close to my heart. I still can’t decide if I’ll be pre-ordering tix, or avoiding at all costs.

  9. How long will take for the Disney/Marvel thing to become status quo? Because seeing every bit of news reported in the context of “Disney owns Marvel now” and “Warner/DC is responding to Disney buying Marvel” is gonna get old reeeaaaalll quickly.

  10. I’m always surprised to read and hear so many people believing whatever Hollywood says will be coming out as a movie. I always caution people that Hollywood talks about so many projects, the number that actually see the light of day, well you’re more likely to win a lottery. Can’t wait for that Ant Man movie that we should be seeing any day now, how about that Black Panther movie that Wesley Snipes wanted to do?

    A Lobo movie is not going to happen, Richie will just end up going on to some other project and next we’ll hear about a Red Tornado movie coming soon.

    On more positive news, the manga (or manhwa as this is from Korea) The Color of Heaven published by First Second is an excellent ending volume to this great trilogy (The Color of Earth and The Color of Water being the first and second volumes).

  11. To all the cry babies that were complaining about Disney taking over Marvel…it could have been worse…it could have been Time/Warner.

    Whenever I see Lobo I am immediately reminded of how horrible the comic scene was during the 90s ( was even worse than Dark Reign and Bendis’ Skrull nonsense). Youngblood has that same effect.

    Lobo was the epitomy, the poster boy for that dreck filled, creative void of a decade. Like leisure suits were to fashion in the 70s. DC is really going to great lengths apparently to bring out those A listers. What next? Hawk and Dove? Black Orchid by Sophia Coppola? A “Shining Knight: the teen years” tv series on the WB? Give me a friggen break already! The smart money says Disney will be less ham handed regarding choice of characters that make it to the big screen.

    “Lobo got me into comics in the first place”

    Wow. I guess what they say is true…EVERY comic is someones first comic.

  12. PG-13 Lobo = bleah! :(

    Then again, Wolverine’s done okay, at least MUCH better in comparison to The Punisher films…..

  13. “Lobo was the epitomy, the poster boy for that dreck filled, creative void of a decade.”

    He was actually a parody of what you’re talking about, and a very good one.

  14. Lobo is either a great character or a terrible one. Note that he originated as a villain, but only became popular years later when he was used as a continuing parody — and that popularity was probably dependent on being a parody of Wolverine and the Punisher. The Wikipedia entry on Lobo suggests that at this point, there’s no actual substance to the character. A story about him either succeeds as a parody or fails — no in-between. Quoth Giffen:

    “I have no idea why Lobo took off,” Giffen once said in an interview. Referring to the 1990s incarnation of Lobo he created, he said, “I came up with him as an indictment of the Punisher, Wolverine, hero prototype and somehow he caught on as the high violence poster boy. Go figure”

    Dirty Wolff

    The figure above is Dirty Wolff, a parody of Lobo that appeared in DEADPOOL. A parody of a parody of another Marvel character. . . and Wolverine is arguably a parody of cinematic tough guys. I’d take Dirty Harry any time.


  15. Lobo was a fun comic to read up until the end of it’s run. A Lobo movie and to be pg-13? Let’s see how Guy Richie does with the sherlock holmes movie first. either way i’ll be watching it.
    Later ya fraggin bastiches!