I’ve been remiss in announcing localish events but there’s a good one tonight at Bergen Street Comics where Box Brown will read from Andre The Giant: Life and Legend. Deets:

Friday, May 16th 8:00PM
Comics Reading, Signing and Book Release with Box Brown!

This Friday will see Box Brown–one of our favorite alternative cartoonists–rocking his major label debut,Andre The Giant: Life and Legend. A surprisingly moving biography about one of the world’s most beloved wrestling icons? We couldn’t be more excited to host this event! Box will be in the house to talk about the book, and you’re welcome to bring wrestling questions–he’s the guy who will have the answers. The presentation part of the event will begin roughly around 8:30, and afterwards Box will sign copies of the book while regaling you with what it’s like to make books for First Second. The first people to grab a copy are welcome to the extra posters–just make sure you ask nicely! (And yes: there will be drinks!)

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