1. Is any of the art on the flyer actually by the artists attending? Sure doesn’t look like it. That Zatanna is definitely Adam Hughes, and a quick search says that Cyclops is Ramon Perez.

    Sloppy work at best, misleading in any case.

  2. I think it’s because Igle and Haspiel drew the interiors of the comics those cover images are from.

    Still, must be annoying for the artists involved to not have their own work on the flyer.

  3. Imagine how Dan Slott feels! He’s not even on the flyer!

    Chiang also did the interiors on Zatanna.

    Decent crowd, lots of sketching.

  4. Only art available at the time of making the flyer.Since childhood, I’ve hated the cover artist being different than the interior artistWe worked with what we had. Dan Slott added the day before…
    Thanks to a great bunch of creators and fans who came to the shop.