We’re scraping the very end of comics-related events before the holidays but here’s one the locals shouldn’t miss: The CBLDF’s Holiday Party with special guests John Layman and Cliff Chiang. Come by to “chew” the fat! Har, har, har.

The party is FREE for CBLDF members and a $5 and up suggested donation for non-members. A gift bag is provided courtesy of IMAGE COMICS.

December 16th
8 pm to 11 pm
TWINS PUB, second floor
421 9th Ave (between 33rd St & 34th St).


  1. Yegads, it’s only three streets (and 71 floors) away from where I sit right now, and there are gift bags! And yet I probably can’t stay downtown for it.

    Everyone who goes can make me feel better by saying it was only medium-fabulous, not super-fabulous, yeah? (I don’t know how fabulous these events usually are, seeing as I’m such a homebody, but the photos in the “related stories” links look pretty intriguing.)