Are you in London? Your weekend just got planned! Comica Comket starts on Friday, hosting comic creators including Frazer Irving, Julia Scheele, Brian Bolland, and David Hine, amongst many others. And it’s free to enter!

comica_spr13_poster_Big (1)

Kicking off with a Symposium on Friday (paid admission to this) featuring speakers including Bolland, Nobrow’s co-publisher Alex Spiro, and Manga creators Chie Kutsuwada, and Inko; the event will also see contributions from Jonathan Cape, Julie Tate and The Phoenix’s editor Tom Fickling. There will be several book launches as well, including deluxe digital versions of Bolland Strips!, The Essential Hunt Emerson, Psychiatric Tales, and VerityFair.

Saturday will see a whole bunch of comics creators exhibiting at the event, including but not limited to: Marc Ellerby, Gary Northfield, Viviane Schwarz, Andi Watson, Sarah Graley, Julia Scheele, Stephen Collins, Philippa Rice, Timothy Winchester, Howard Hardiman, and Isabel Greenberg. And I totally just grabbed that list from the facebook event page, so go have a look there too.

For all details and more details, check out their site. Comics!


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