StarWarsRead2015Among geeks, it is rare to find someone who has not read a Star Wars book of some sort.

Some of us bought the three-pack Whitman polybags of Marvel’s original adaptation.

Others might have read the illustrated guides published by Dorling-Kindersley.

Younger readers might have enjoyed the Jedi Academy series by Jeffrey Brown.

No matter what the source, there are a lot of Star Wars books out there, aimed at a growing fandom which wants to know more about the Star Wars universe, or who want to escape to a galaxy far, far away.

To celebrate, Lucasfilm, in partnership with their many publishing licensees, inaugurated “Star Wars Reads Day” in 2012. The tradition continues next weekend, as stores, libraries, and schools across the world host events to promote reading and escapism!

The biggest site will, of course, be New York Comic Con, with various Star Wars literary panels scheduled. Can’t make it to Javits? Books of Wonder and Bank Street Bookstore are hosting signings in New York City. Here’s a partial list:


In the U.S., many Barnes & Noble stores will host events.

Comics shops? Um… it looks like Marvel, Diamond, and ComicsPro have dropped the ball once again (this is the FOURTH annual Star Wars Reads Day, after all), although Marvel is participating, just not at comics shops.

Lucasfilm has produced lots of cool giveaways, activity sheets (both old school and new), and advertisements,  so comics shops might want to consider participating next year, as it’s an event in early October which can be used to promote Halloween Comic Fest, Black Friday, and holiday shopping. Given the many creators who have contributed to the mythos, it’s not too difficult to find one nearby!

So, what should you read?

Well, I’m not expert, more of a dilettante who occasionally uses Wookiepedia to scratch an itch.

That said, here are some cool books to enjoy:



  1. Thanks for posting this. Late addition: I’ll be talking about the new RISE OF THE EMPIRE collection, the KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC Marvel Epic Collection and more at the Madison Public Library in Madison, Wisconsin, from 2-4 on October 10. That’s the central branch, at 201 W Mifflin St.

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