This is very much NOT COMICS, but this afternoon BBC America is having a marathon of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares in which British chef Gordon Ramsay attempts to improve horrible restaurants with filthy kitchens, drab sauces and gamey meats. It’s funny because — well who doesn’t like to see a master chef stumble to explain why there are bread rolls left behind the fridge?

Plus, Ramsay is a near- psycho himself, foul mouthed and manic. It makes for very entertaining TV. SEE him try to turn a filthy pub into a thriving bistro! Also, much much better than the American version.


  1. I quite like the American version, actually. It’s the only reality show I watch. My main complaint with it is that its pacing is uneven, they show too little of the “after” bits, the actual payoff. And last week’s payoff was very disappointing, the restaurant in question closed anyway despite Ramsey’s success with it because the owner had mounted up too many debts.

  2. Even more amazing than the loud-mouthed Gordon, of whom Tom Colicchio basically called out in one of his interviews, to paraphrase: “I’m not gonna go around screaming and acting like a jerk just because it makes for exciting tv”, for his show, Hell’s Kitchen, but the fact that some of the places Gordon helps overhaul are so mismanaged and run so poorly in the first place.

  3. I truly believe that this is the most overlooked show on TV. Everytime I get someone new to watch the show… they’re hooked.

  4. Ive been watching the show for the last couple of years and it really makes you worry when you go out for a meal nowadays !! Awesome show, its available on demand in the UK at the moment.

  5. I’d recommend hunting down the UK version of the show as well.

    I find I enjoy it a bit more than the US version, which seems to focus a bit too much on the dramatics and fights rather than Ramsey’s methods of rebuilding a restaurant.
    I didn’t get past the first couple of episodes, so maybe it’s changed, but I remember the fox version glossed over the menu changes and reasons for it in favour of more real world style reaction interviews.

  6. The BBC version is much better then the new American version, though I do watch the American version. The latest episode Gordon went off on a customer bitching about the food. It was highly entertaining.

  7. We love both versions of this show, although the BBC version is much better, thanks especially to Ramsay’s own voiceovers. Yeah, he’s loud and foul, but he’s also almost always right, and even better, he shows a tremendous ability to find and bring out people’s hidden strengths. You can learn a lot about people and about business by watching this show.