Liefeldgirl1Progressive Boink presents The 40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings. Feel the tension as we countdown to #1!

PS: is it possible that in another universe, Rob Liefeld is the new version of Fletcher Hanks?


  1. No. Fletcher was strange, but he could draw. Liefeld, Bleh!

    That website did bad job too, there are much worse Liefeld drawings they never found and some of the stuff up there was among his ‘better’ stuff.

  2. this is basically the greatest piece of comics journalism to date– We read it at like 3AM on Friday night and were hunched over in pain from laughing so hard.

    the best chaser is to check out Liefield’s picture on wikipedia right after reading the list. OH JEEEEZ

  3. i think it’s possible that Lefield is Hanks reincarnated. and they laughed at us behind their 90s popularity.

    who’s laughing now, fools?

    who’s laughing now.

  4. I think the 2nd biggest problem with his art (1st being anatomy), is that he was staring at art by Jim Lee and Todd McFarlane and trying to make the marks Jim Lee made, without always understanding why a particular mark would be made in a particular place. Like those vertical lines down from her left armpit and on her left leg,… he had a chance to model the form and increase the illusion of volume there, even without cross hatching, but spacing the lines evenly just flattens out the art. Same thing with the cross hatching on her left forearm; he had a chance to add volume by curling the lines, or using shorter hatches at gradually increased angles, but he didn’t. And it happens in just about everything he did back then, so it just makes me think he thought “there should probably be some lines there,” so he just put lines there, without fully knowing why, and without fully knowing how to make the lines achieve the effect he wanted.

    I guess overall the big problem is that it looks like he learned to draw by copying Jim Lee and Todd McFarlane, and didn’t check back in with reality often enough to keep his art grounded. Success seemed to reduce any motivation to improve his art? Like if he admits he can’t draw feet so well, why not go, you know, learn how to draw feet? Life drawing would have helped a lot (hand studies, feet studies, all that). Studying a wider variety of comic art mark-making would have helped, too.

    You see this a lot in manga, too, especially at cons, where you can sometimes really tell an artist has taught themselves to draw by copying anime and manga, and allowing no other influences. Art school admissions staff must tear out their hair over all the DBZ and Naruto art they see in portfolios…

  5. I had the greatest moment just now where I was reading this entry and my screen was only scrolled to just above her waist, and I thought to myself, “Why that drawing’s not SO bad!”

    Then I scrolled down.


  6. from Wikipedia:
    “Rob Liefeld, (born October 3, 1967) is an American comic book writer, illustrator, and publisher. A prominent artist in the 1990s, he has since become a controversial figure in the medium.”

    Controversial? Meaning … no one likes his work any longer? Everyone’s taste changed when they grew up?

  7. Looking at too much Rob Liefeld art makes me feel slightly ill, but… in a way I think he gets superhero comics – that they should be full of things leaping off the page and feel as if they’re drawn in a hurry. His work has a basic vitality. Compared to the dreadful pretentiousness and fake-classicism of Alex Ross, or the innumerable artists who turn out boringly photo-realistic mock-movie storyboards, he doesn’t come off badly at all.