Wow, there is so much GOING ON. Our to do list, dutifully compiled by our Down Under associate, Aaron Humphrey, seems to be barely scratching the surface. There are so many conventions, signings, tours, appearances and panels going on we can’t keep track. It seems like with the summer completely engulfed by the San Diego monolith, everyone has moved everything to the fall with a resulting glut. And New York is jammed as well, with Big Apple, KingCon and a NEW indie-friendly show we’re hearing about planned for December.

Plus, so many cartoonists are criss-crossing the country on tours, it’s a wonder anyone is left home to draw. Our Facebook invites are piled up like cordwood.

HOW TO KEEP TRACK OF IT ALL? We know from our correspondence and comments that a lot of folks use our event listings. We’ve previously mentioned that we regret the NYC-centric nature of out listings and want to keep up with Toronto, Chicago, LA, Portland and all the other tooning hotbeds out there.

There’s really nothing to be done but throw more manpower at the problem. And we’re working on it. So hang in there, kids, and keep sending us invites and events.

In the meantime, has a dauntingly thorough listing that shows just how much is going on. And as always, feel free to plug YOUR own event in the comments.

Speaking of events, we had a nice time at our MoCCA panel last night. Rather than a nitty gritty, rock ’em sock ’em bitch session about the state of journalism (although that was touched on) it became more of a personal exploration of why we do what we do, which was kind of cool…at least it was for the panelists, and I hope it was for the audience. Some nice comments afterwards too. Thanks for coming out, everyone. And thanks to Douglas, Evie and Aaron, and moderator Karl.


  1. Thanks for the plug, Heidi! Yes, there’s so much going on, it’s tough to keep up. We’ll probably have to take on more staff soon to keep up with it all, too.