R U sick of SPX reports? How can you be when they are so full of “laughing and loving” (as Dustin Harbin put it) and comics and joy and happiness? Seriously, is there any other show that gets this level of treasured memories and cute goings on? AND DID WE MENTION GREAT COMICS? If you are not inured to enthusiasm, Colleen AF Venable has yet another report, this one covering everything you need to know about beards and karaoke and…THE SILVER DINER. JESUS H FRAKING JEHOSHAPHAT. Maybe SPX is not such a love-in. While I was STARVING MY ASS OFF treasuring every crumb of a cold stale Power Bar, everyone else was eating pancakes and syrup and warm runny eggs and…deep breath. It’s okay. Anyway…WOMEN WITH FELT BEARDS ARE THE NEW SHIRTLESS DEAN HASPIEL. Think about it.