The title of the UK’s premier comics show was somewhat in flux after the Bristol show dwindled. but it seems like this weekend’s BICS in Birmingham at the Thinktank Millennium Point has developed into a full service show. You can see all the hoohah in the link, which includes a very snappy-looking website. Guests include Bryan Talbot, premiering GRANDVILLE, Howard Chaykin, Andy Diggle, David Lloyd, Mark Buckingham, Alan Davis, DC’s Michael Wright, and enough other gaffers to drink an entire bar down to the dry, cracked mud. Entire guest list is here. Programming is here:
Saturday and Sunday. Other events include an IMAX screening of WATCHMEN (Jealous!!!!) and a launch party TONIGHT. (Flyer above — no date given but it is tonight, Friday.)

Of course, the main event, if we know our Brits, will be enjoying a pint or two. Or twenty. FMB, aka Ben McCool, is at the show and has promised some sort of report when his head clears, and we’re keeping him to his word.


In other news, show co-organizer James Hodgkins is debuting a new, fancy look. No wonder everyone thinks comics are the road to riches.

People who blogged their doings:
Paul Cornell
Time Bomb Comics
Sonia Leong
Adam Cadwell
The Judge MInty crew
Underfire Comics
Al Davison
David Lloyd
Dare Comics
..and probably lots more. If you want to plug something, please do so in the comments. And hoist a pint of room temperature, cask ale at the Duke of Wellington for us!


  1. I’m there, lurgi willing, and I’ll have my usual selection of titles, including Brummie superhero comics TROUBLE BRUIN and BOSTIN HEROES.

    We’ll be debuting the second print edition of Bostin Heroes, which sees the Black Country champions fight the mighty maroon malevolence known as GODVILLA in the heart of Birmingham! Buy the comic, take the tour!

    I’ll also have a new 40-page adventure starring my very own postmortem pooch: SPACE HONDLE sees the World’s Greatest (Dead) Dog and his scriffbag pal abducted by aliens and sold into servitutde. But who is SOBAKA, and what does he really want with out four-leggéd fiend? And will Craigy survive that most taxing of trials: a hard day’s work?!


    I’ll also have stickers (for free) and a few Trouble Bruin posters (for sale), and as sunny a disposition as my incipient exhaustion will afford me. I reckon I have a comic for every reader, from adult drama to zombie romance, and I cannot wait to put them in their hands.


  2. Well, it seems no one has actually blogged about the experience yet, just telling everyone about it and how they’ll be there and all…

    *waiting for actual reports*