The Wizard World Miami show kicks off this weekend at the Miami Airport Convention Center — it’s the first Wizard show in this venue so we’ll see how it goes. Renee Witterstaetter announced some exclusives from the Eva Ink Artist Group:


Michael Golden appears both days with new prints and books including the best selling “Excess: The Art of Michael Golden,” and “Manga Bucky O’Hare.”
Rodney Ramos has created am exclusive Buffy print limited to 250 copies. This print is free to Buffy VIP members and is also available for purchase. Cast members Nicholas Brendon, Mercedes McNab, Mark Metcalf, and Clare Kramer are at the show.


Punisher/Ghost Rider artist Mark Texiera has some new prints.


Witterstaetter herself will have copies of her new books at the convention, including “Joe Jusko: Savage Beauty,” “Mark Texeira: Nightmares and Daydreams,” “Michael Golden: MORE Heroes and Villains,” and her new children’s book, “Kerry and The Scary Things.”