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The Cartoon Art Museum and The Hero Initiative proudly present the museum’s Annual WonderCon Weekend Party and Silent Auction, which will be held on Saturday, April 2, from 8pm to 11pm.  Tickets for this event will be sold on a sliding scale from $10 to $100. Special incentives will be given for higher-level donations including membership, signed catalogs, and special limited edition prints.  Advance tickets may be purchased through this link:  http://guestli.st/48612.  Capacity for this special event is limited, and advance reservations are recommended.

Please visit The CAM and Hero Initiative booths at WonderCon on Friday and Saturday to get a sneak preview of the featured original artworks for Saturday night’s auction.

Many top comic book creators will be in attendance as special guests of the Cartoon Art Museum and the Hero Initiative.  We are pleased to announce that our featured guest will be Berkeley Breathed, creator of Bloom County, Flawed Dogs and Mars Needs Moms, courtesy of WonderCon and IDW Publishing.

Sponsorship for this fundraiser has been generously provided by IDW Publishing, the publishers of Bloom County:  The Complete Collection, a five-volume series that reprints Berkeley Breathed’s classic comic strip in its entirety.  Please visit www.idwpublishing.com for more information on this and other collections in IDW Publishing’s Library of American Comics series.

Additional sponsorship has been provided by Guestlist Ticketing, which is facilitating advance ticket sales for this event.  For more information about Guestlist, please visit guestlistapp.com

Ticket Pricing:

$10:  General Admission for Saturday night’s party featuring Berkeley Breathed and other special guests

$25:  General Admission plus a copy of From Bloom County to Mars, CAM’s new exhibition catalog featuring the original artwork of Berkeley Breathed; $5 from this ticket goes to The Hero Initiative

$50:  General Admission, catalog, merchandise, plus exclusive CAM merchandise; $10 from this ticket goes to The Hero Initiative

$75:  General Admission, catalog, merchandise,  plus your choice of a CAM membership or a Hero Initiative membership; $25 from this ticket goes to The Hero Initiative

$100:  General Admission, catalog, merchandise, Cartoon Art Museum membership and a Hero Initiative membership; $40 from this ticket goes to The Hero Initiative

On display at the Cartoon Art Museum:

From Bloom County to Mars: The Imagination of Berkeley Breathed is an exhibition of original artwork featuring one of the most popular cartoonists of the past quarter-century! This exhibit features pieces from his acclaimed comic strips of Bloom County and Outland to Goodnight Opus, Pickles and Pete, A Wish for Wings That Work, and other childrens’ books to feature film proposals from Breathed, including Mars Needs Moms!, released as an animated feature film from Walt Disney Studios.

Overture: Looney Tunes Behind the Scenes examines the works of pre-production art of the Looney Tunes world. Featuring character designs, model sheets, advertising artwork, animation pencil art, Looney Tunes comic book art and other rarely seen illustrations, this exhibition provides an exclusive look behind the scenes at the creation of the cartoon shorts beloved by generations. Artists include famed Looney Tunes Director and Animator Robert McKimson, and his brothers Charles and Tom McKimson; and animator Sam Nicholson, who was renowned throughout the animation industry for his skill as a caricaturist; and legendary background painter and designer Maurice Noble.

Drawn from The Economist: The Editorial Art of KAL explores over 40 of KAL’s favorite cartoons from his time with The Economist, during which he has published approximately 3,000 cartoons, including 120 covers.  Kal has used his wit and his pen to expose political hypocrisy, illuminate crises in the environment and the economy, and deconstruct complex international events.  His art has captured the faces and foibles of US President’s and world leaders, using caricature to create a window into their personalities. The works featured in this exhibit focus on national and international political satire and cover a broad range of social issues.

Please visit http://www.cartoonart.org or call (415) CAR-TOON for an updated list of special guests and events, as well as additional information about the museum.