It might not be new (since the Star Trek movie reboot has been out for a few months now) but there was no way after seeing these in the grocery store tonight that there was not going to be a post on THE BEAT about them.

I mean. Seriously. Star Trek Eggos.


  1. Yes, but they are “Limited Edition” Eggos! Hopeflly you didn’t actually plan to open and eat them! You need to save them so they’ll be worth a fortune someday! :^D

    KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!! Leggo My Eggos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. They’ve been out for a couple of months now. I actually brought a package a while back, they taste just like normal Eggo’s.

  3. Wha–? The box says “over 25 different images”…are there actual pictures on the actual waffles?

    I now realize that Eggo waffles have always reminded me slightly of the brain cell alien creatures from TOS Operation: Annihilate…

  4. The STAR TREK tie-in Eggo waffles started appearing on the shelves in March. BTW, frozen foods have expiration dates — I believe that’s a legal requirement — but the dates don’t really mean anything. As long as the food stays frozen, it’s okay to use. Thawing and refreezing food is risky, since bacteria can survive freezing.


  5. Hmm.. I know at least one friend who’d be happy to see Kirk and Spock together covered in maple syrup. And somehow I know there’s already fanfic out there for it.

  6. Michael, was that a cheap attempt to revive the SW vs. ST rivalry? You nasty man!

    Glad to hear they taste like normal Eggos. But judging by the drawing on the package, they look more like the 60s ST than the reboot version. What happened there?