Rich Johnston has helpfully rounded up Twitter news of the weekend’s three conventions — BICS in Birmingham, UK; Mid-Ohio Con in…Mid-Ohio, aka Columbus, OH; and Long Beach Comic-Con in Cali–in a post he calledA Tale of Three Twitties(can we say we’re JEALOUS!!!!!) but it was this one which caught our eye:

Paul Cornell: Stayed out talking comics: great. But missed Andy Diggle in other pub. Next year: official pub sort out please

PUB CONFUSION AT CON! You’ve got to sort this out, mate!

Meanwhile, we followed Mid-Ohio Con via Maggie Thompson who covers it all:

Purchases: MicroChamber Paper from Bags Unlimited, Love & Capes hoodie. Ready for anything!
Discussed with Marv Wolfman the advantages of donating comics to university collections.

Meanwhile at Long Beach, reports are very good. We’re hearing the show isn’t that large but the vibe is chipper, and David Gallaher, at least, sold out of HIGH MOON. Kelson Vibber has a nice photo set up, with crowd shots but also…a heron! See, being on the water makes people happy! Long Beach is definitely a great spot for a show, and next year we’re going to try to make it out.




  1. I had a great time at LBCC. Check out my interview I did with Fantastic Forum while there…… It’s a long podcast, and I don’t turn up until nearer the end, but it’s a lot of fun. Give a it little time to load, and then scroll it about four marks from the end. If you hear them bagging on Twilight, you know I’m about to join them. Talking to them and other fans was what really made the show for me. I’ll be posting photos soon. It truly was a great fan vibe.

  2. Awesome!! Great Photos by Kelson. Thanks Kelson!!! :)

    Big Sword v. Double Sabre v. Samurai Vader v. Armored Jedi would be cool!!!

  3. Hah! I’m catching up with internet stuff tonight, and I pulled up this page to read it, and my first thought was, “Funny, that looks a lot like the photos I took — hey, wait a minute!”

    Thanks for the linkage! :-D

    I had a great time at Long Beach, though I was only there on Saturday. I just finished my con write-up.

    Glad you liked the heron pictures! I really wasn’t sure how many of the sightseeing photos to include in the set when I posted it.

  4. You failed to mention the West Hollywood Book Fair that took place Sunday – which had a very riveting panel called Comics on Comics. It was a pile up on poor Gerry Conway whose microphone kept failing on him. John Rogers MC’ d the event and Joshua Dysart was in attendence.



  5. The LBCC team did a fantastic job putting that show together. We loved the crowd and had a great time. Kudos to the entire show team for putting together a fun event in a notoriously difficult market — L.A.!

  6. Ross,

    Thanks for the support! It is greatly appreciate. Everyone worked hard to put the show and we’re glad Boom! had a great show. We’re already looking fwd to next year!

    Mike Scigliano
    Long Beach Comic Con
    Floor Manager
    Guest Relations
    Exhibit Sales

  7. LBCC was a blast. My only suggestion would be a couple of more comics-related panels (c’mon Vertigo…) and a better delineated autograph area (the lines kind of bunched up and prevented people from getting to the artists and dealers).
    But none of these would prevent me from recommending people not attend.