The Brit Zone continues, sort of, with a new announcement from Titan Comics. This week Titan unveiled a new co-publishing deal between themselves and Atomeka, which will put out ‘Monster Massacre’. This anthology will feature stories all about – you guessed it – monsters. On top of stories from creators like D’Israeli, Ian Edginton, Ron Marz, and Dave Wilkins, the book will also include a Joe Simon/Jack Kirby story, ‘The Greatest Horror of Them All’, taken from Black Cat Mystery.

The cover is far too rude for me to post on The Beat, so instead here’s a page or two of interiors.


Put together by writer/artist Dave Elliott, the anthology’s full list of credits are:

Joe Simon/Jack Kirby, Andy Kuhn, Dave Dorman, Mark A Nelson, Ron Marz /Tom Raney, Dave Elliott/Alex Horley,Vito Delsante/Javier Aranda, Dave Wilkins/Dave Elliott, Jerry Paris/Arthur Suydam/Dave Elliott,  Ian Edginton/D’Israeli, Alex Horley and Steve White.

A little bereft of female creators perhaps, but that’s a fine line-up. There are ten stories collected in total, along with two art galleries.


The anthology will be released in September, and be day-and-date digital.


  1. Monster Massacre is not a “new” anthology. The co-publishing deal between Atomeka and Titan is, but Monster Massacre has been around for quite a while now. And I am glad to see it back in action!

  2. Sorry about the double posting, blame it on the iPhone’s Safari app.

    As to female creators, yes, I would have liked some and I am talking to several about material for upcoming issues. I went with the creators who could commit to the time frame that was necessary to get this first book together. If it is any consolation I am the only white creator involved in MM book 2.

  3. Wait- Gina Going did colour Tom Raney’s tale, as she usually does (which also happens to be Tom’s very first creator owned work)! And Imaginary Friends Studio (who Dave works with frequently- especially on the also soon to launch A1 relaunch) is certainly well-staffed by the fairer sex. But yea, maybe an all-female issue or run is completely warranted (especially with IDW’s Womanthology: Space ending far, far too soon!).

    Not that I’m a big fat fan or anything.

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