Morning in Britain means more British comics talk! The Beat slowly forces its way into multiculturalism, and isn’t it wonderful? Hopefully eventually we’ll bring in a reporter from Fiji, and really nail this 24/7 news cycle thingy.

2000AD have been on a marketing offensive recently, as you’ll probably have noticed. Following the digital release of Greg Staples’ Judge Death teaser yesterday, the magazine has also been quick to push forward with two more digital teasers. The first announces that issue 1824 will be advertised as a ‘jump on point’ for new readers, with the entire issue made up of new stories and strips, which won’t lock readers out of continuity.


The second of their images takes a friendly shot at Marvel’s recent announcement that they’ll be trying out a weekly digital series in June, featuring Wolverine. The teaser reminds readers that perhaps this isn’t the most radical of moves…