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The fabled A1 Brit comics anthology, is getting a relaunch in June, and now an annual in October with the A1 Annual billed as “a Who’s Who of comics’ talent – past, present and future.” And if you look at who’s in it, you may just agree. The issue comes with two covers, including a Diamond exclusive cover by Jim Steranko and Stanley Lau. Contributors include everyone from Simon and Kirby reprints to Dave Johnson to Emily Hu. 176 pages and $22.99. Sold!

• Island in the Sky – written by JOE SIMON, penciled by JACK KIRBY and inked by AL WILLIAMSON.
• Tales of Old Fennario – written and drawn by SANDY PLUNKETT
• Terror of the Lesbian Nudist Colony – written by SCOTT HAMPTON and MARK KNEECE and illustrated by SCOTT HAMPTON
• The Riddle of the Recalcitrant Refuse – written by ALAN MOORE and illustrated by MICHAEL T. GILBERT with WILLIAM LOEBS and DARCY & KEVIN HORN.
• Emily Almost – written and drawn by BILL SIENKIEWICZ
• A Question of Priorities – written by DAVE ELLIOTT, drawn by TOBY CYPRESS and color by SAKTI YUWONO
• Solid Gold Death Mask – written and drawn by RUFUS DAYGLO
• The Boston Metaphysical Society – written by MADELEINE HOLLY- ROSING and illustrated by EMILY HU
• The Odd Ball – written with layouts and color by NORMAN FELCHE and illustrated by ALEX SHEIKMAN.
• Where The Gods Are – written and illustrated by MARK A. NELSON.
• Origin of Evil – written by DAVE ELLIOTT and illustrated by BARNABY BAGENDA and JESSICA KHOLINNE
• Raging Rod – written and drawn by DAVE JOHNSON
• Little Star – written and illustrated by DOMINIC REGAN
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