Titan Comics, surging up like a dinosaur from a swarm of sleeping butterflies (that’ll make sense in a second, promise), have sent out some promotional material regarding the July launch of Stuart Jennett’s Chronos Commandos. A four-issue miniseries, the story (completely created by Jennett) sees the aforementioned Commandos fight dinosaurs, as they struggle to save the world from time-travelling Nazis.

Chronos Commandos Cover

Ah, time travelling Nazis. When will you learn??

Aside from the book itself, however, Titan have also sent out some promo material which is a little different from Marvel’s one-word teasers or Image’s creator-quotes — they’ve sent an entire classified military document, with redacted sections, photos, technical profiles and all kinds of other  bits and pieces. It also came attached with a list of protocols for me to follow, including this note:

While the information contained within these briefings is deemed confidential and not for non-Allied eyes, you may freely share all relevant data with your fellow reservists and Chronos Commandos program applicants.

Which means I can share the files with you. So I shall!

Chronos Commandos Orientation Pack - Cover Chronos Commandos Orientation Pack - pg1 Chronos Commandos Orientation Pack - pg2 Chronos Commandos Orientation Pack - pg3 Chronos Commandos Orientation Pack - pg4 Chronos Commandos Orientation Pack - pg5

A lot of images in one go, I realise! But I had to share the whole thing with you, it’s such good fun. You can keep an eye on Titan over on their website, although you’ll have to wait until July 3rd for the first issue of Chrono Commandos to be released. Oh, and the butterfly/dinosaur thing I mentioned only one second ago? It’s a reference to the preview pages released for the issue.