¶ Online chatter about Frank Miller’s adaptation of THE SPIRIT has been a bit harsh but apparently Lionsgate is high on it. While the movie was previously planned to be released in the cinematic no man’s land of January, it’s been moved up to a Christmas Day release.

Of the move, Lionsgate president of theatrical films Tom Ortenberg said: “Comic-Con fans (in New York in March) resoundingly confirmed what we felt in our bones about ‘The Spirit’: This is a great film and an irresistible piece of entertainment. … For all of us, it was an easy decision.”

Perhaps IRON MAN had a little something to do with this decision.

¶ Okay we all know there will be an IRON MAN 2, but will it adapt “Demon in a Bottle” the iconic story of a superhero on a drinking binge? It would seem to be a natural storyline for Robert Downey Jr to handle, but not so fast, says Borys Kit of the Hollywood Reporter:

Robert Downey Jr. (who’s not yet signed on for the pic but could very well end up doing it) said he thinks oblique is the way to go. “I have a feeling that the best way to go into Tony and the ‘Demon and the Bottle’ storyline is show his 40th birthday party,” he told Risky Biz at the premiere. “Let that tie in with something people can understand, (people) who maybe don’t have that disease. Anyone over 40 knows what it’s like to feel like you’re looking at the back 9 of your life. Mid-life crisis. A couple of bottles of champagne and he’s just getting started, and they think there’s something wrong with him, and you understand why he’s going to these excesses. It’s much more fertile when you don’t call a spade a spade.”

Downey already faced a lot of questions from journalists on the subject of substance abuse during the worldwide tour promoting his new hit movie, and probably won’t be thrilled to rehash it again. In fact, he doesn’t think most fans are interested in that facet of his life. “It’s simply not what people want to read or hear about. Its a failsafe thing for journalists who dont know that I’ve moved on from that.”

¶ There’s a new WATCHMEN video up, this one about the costumes.

¶ Yes yes Matthew McConaughey rumored to be Captain America. A trusted Beat operatives sat a few rows in front of the bongo-lover at the Yankees game the other night but didn’t get a chance to quiz him on it, alas.

Cinematical looks at DC’s efforts at making superhero movies:

I know all about the Justice League movie problems and the inability to get Wonder Woman flying, but really: After seeing how well-received Iron Man was — and after hearing about Marvel’s plans regarding The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers — I’m starting to feel a little bad for DC Comics’ movie division. But here’s the thing: As a character of popular culture, Iron Man (born 1963) is not exactly a Spider-Man or even close to a Superman — and still Marvel and Paramount were able to bang a really excellent blockbuster out of the guy. (And let’s not forget that a relatively obscure Marvel character called Blade pretty much kick-started this comic-flick renaissance.) Does anyone doubt that a character like The Flash could have similar results? Given the right cast and crew, I’m thinking The Flash could be one hell of a fun flick. So let’s get moving already!


  1. Matthew McConaughey rumored to be Captain America??!!!!

    Why not choose Sean Penn and totally cripple the film before it is made?

  2. “Given the right cast and crew, I’m thinking The Flash could be one hell of a fun flick.”

    Just make sure that the cast includes Amanda Pays. *swoon*

  3. I keep hearing little rumors that Captain America is going to be a comedy. the McConaughey casting would seem to support this. And, you know, going camp with “Batman and Robin” and Superman III were REALLY great decisions, making huge money for everyone involved, so this is probably a genius move. Or, um, not.

  4. Exactly who are those fans who are clamoring for the immediate release of Miller’s, The Spirit? O.o

    Where are those little buggers hiding? They’re awfully quiet! ;)

  5. What DC sorely lacks in Box Office revenue – they surely make up for it in animated movies and Cartoon Network show department.

    Even though my fellow co-workers here at Sony Pictures Television are happy with the rating results of the new Spidey animated series – Marvel has never really had any solid hits in the animated series department with the exception of the old Fox X-Men series.



  6. For those who don’t already know, a Green Lantern movie appears to be in the works co-written and produced by Greg Berlanti. He confirms it in a feature article in the latest issue of Out Magazine. He’s also covered on the issue along with William Baldwin, Matthew Rhys and Dave Anadale.

    Greg Berlanti is one of the biggest and most respected producers in Hollywood right now with 3 successful shows currently on the air: Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money and Brothers and Sisters. His debut feature film, The Broken Hearts Club was very well done.

    Knowing its in Greg Berlanti’s hands, I have it in good faith knowing not only that it will get done but it will probably be done well.