The comics and fashion seem to be the hot topic this week, so we’ll round up some more links.

ITEM! Paul Levitz writes about the Superhero show at the Met and answers a question I had sought the answer to:

When I walked into the Met yesterday morning, it was under the gaze of a set of 12 foot high statues of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, cast digitally from our licensing department maquettes modeled on the Jose Luis Garcia Lopez art that has been a core of our style guide program for so many years. Apparently the output process is fairly faithful, digitally fabricating them in 4 foot long segments, so that only a sculptor’s final polish was needed.

ITEM! Torsten Adair sent us a ton os comics/fashion links!
DC/Bapes sneakers. (Above.) They’re on sale and if they came in boys sizes, we’d be tempted.
Bape DC-themed hoodie with Bat-ears.
Ka-boom comics balloon hoodie. For the ladies.
Hot Topic gets in the act.
Will we see millions of these at Comi-Con?
Darth Vader is Dead hoodie. Do you really want to get into the conversations this will start?
And finally, the hat everyone needs:

ITEM! AKAChris posts a scan of a story from Details by Michael Chabon on female superheros. Pull quote above. Is Chabon writing a BOOK on superhero fashions or something? This is the third lengthy essay on the subject we’ve seen in recent months.

ITEM! It seems Gwyneth Paltrow’s high heels have captured the imagination of a war-ravaged nation.

ITEM! People keep sending me clips on the show like this one.


  1. >maquettes modeled on the Jose Luis Garcia Lopez art that has been a core of our style guide program for so many years.>

    Wonder if anyone thought of inviting him to see the opening.

  2. I bought that hoodie in white about two months ago, and then realized that in real life, it looks far too ridiculous to wear.

  3. Hi Heidi,

    I just saw Chabon at Butler University in Indianapolis last month and one of the new essays he read to the audience was about the difficulties of being a male and writing/drawing real female characters rather than sexy, cartoony versions of women. I hope this ends up in a future collection of his writings. By the way, his “Maps and Legends” is full of good stuff about comics and creators.

  4. Hee! I confess I’m the one who sent your Paltrow-heels story to Style Spy. She had been drooling over the McQueen shoes when they were shown in the fall. I love a good comics/fashion crossover.

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