Mr. and Mrs. Natural:

“We live in Crumbland,” Ms. Crumb said.

They moved to France 16 years ago, sickened, they said, by the infiltration of their once sleepy California town, Winters, by newcomers who bulldozed hilltops for McMansions. The Crumbs also wanted to shield their daughter, Sophie, from a growing conservative and fundamentalist Christian influence while continuing to educate her in what they consider the classics. They reared her on “Little Lulu” comics from the 1940s and ’50s and Three Stooges videos.

Can she help being comics royalty?


  1. If religious conservatism “contamination” was such an issue for Crumb, why in the world did he move to a coutry with ever-growing conservative and fundamentalist Muslim influence?

  2. Holy Smolies. JahFurry just shared the stage w/ writer of this piece Allen Salkin at the HEEB Magazine Group Therapy lil comedy / music whahoozie at Mo Pitkins. Allen’s onstage banter and hyjinx was tre Crumbworthy and highlarious, and ain’t no surprise he did this magic couple justice.

  3. As a parent, I can sympathize with the Crumbs, but the deterioration of the popular culture here is every bit as much a concern to me. I applaud what they’ve tried to do. But yeah, they should probably get their butts back to the good ol’ USA before the French lay down completely and start letting the Muslim Extremists behead heretics.
    I have a feeling Robert Crumb wouldn’t exactly make the “Allah’s Favorites” list in the eyes of the Islamic extremists.

  4. it’s no more stupid than to think that this country is somehow so engulfed by christian conservatism as to leave it for a country that affords no real oppurtunity to anyone who doesn’t ‘appear’ french. it is a country with a lack of intergration that will engender extremism if this practice will continue if it is not already there.

    also for a look at how pervasive muslim extremism is in europe check out channel 4’s ‘Dispatches: Undercover Mosques’ where ‘moderate’ muslims are exposed in britain.

    while muslims are not extremists by rule, it is still a very real problem.

  5. Your comments are just a little prejudice don’t your think? Do any of you know the Crumb’s or their friends? I do. Before you comment on their move that happened well over a decade ago watch the documentary “Crumb” and be amazed. They moved for a lot more reasons than the whole bead rattling going on with religious fanatics. They moved to what they hoped would be a place left alone. No corporate logos anywhere. Something that has time behind it a real sense of history. Not everyone know just how honored Crumb is around the world in the art community. Art museums in Japan, USA, UK, France, Amsterdam and more honor his ever increasing body of work. His latest the Book Of Genesis could very well be the masterpiece of the century. Crumb’s art and all his different styles elevates him above any artist alive today. If he was around during the Renaissance he would be considered a master. His art continues to grow as does his bitingly honest observations of the world around him. He predicted the current crisis the USA finds itself in. Also they were looking to get away from everything which of course can’t be done but it’s typical for them. Crumb traded a briefcase full of drawings for his “castle”. All of the recent trouble with race riots happened about 15 years AFTER they moved there so how exactly were they supposed to know what would happen? And what could he have bought here in the U.S. a big house? He hates those huge monstrosities but this deal allowed him to ESCAPE to something totally new and foriegn while giving their daughter a chance to become much more that another teenage clone from the Bay Area. She has now become her own artist with her own style but with her parents blunt honestly about the way of things. So all of you need to chill. What you are accusing Crumb of is absurd imagine our country and what it was like 16 yrs. ago could you have predicted just how far big corruption would go? Have a president that stuffed a ballot box in Florida? Start a war illegally prompting riots around the world not just France. See the film “Crumb” it’s simply one of the best documentaries you will ever see. You even get to see Crumb hang up on a big Hollywood producer. He could made tons of money if he wanted to. But he doesn’t sell out.

  6. i don’t know the crumbs, nor do i care for the reasons why they moved or that he hung up on a hollywood producer. what i do know is that he said he moved there, in part to sheild from christian conservatism, which is fine but it doesnt masks the sociopolitico problems of france. a problem that has simmered long before, and separate to, the policies of the u.s. and has more to do with the oppressive secular law of france. i don’t think anyone accused him of being a sell-out, but rather found it weird that christian conservatism was part of his reasoning.