Lg1EdYes, yes, we know we are obsessed with a potential John Carter movie. Can’t you just humor us just this once? Anyway, CHUD has dirt from producer Don Murphy who seems to think he and Walden Media (Narnia) are in the running still.

The Burroughs estate hasn’t finalized a Disney deal, Murphy says, and he doesn’t see why they necessarily would. Don’s working with Walden Media, the folks behind The Chronicles of Narnia movies, and he says that part of their offer is a guarantee to have a film in production in 18 months. Disney, meanwhile, is making no such offer, and is in fact interested in sitting on the film for Andrew Stanton, the director of Finding Nemo. Apparently Stanton wants to do a live action movie, and John Carter is what he fancies… but he’s lined up to do Pixar’s post-post-Ratatouille film, meaning he wouldn’t get started on John Carter, at the earliest, until next decade.

Much more informed speculation in link.


  1. The reason there is no confirmation from Disney on this deal could be because the Mouse Factory and Walden have parted company, except for a few films still under contract like Bridge to Terabithia and Narina’s Prince Caspian. Fox is the new Walden partner, headed up by Jeffery Godsick, new pres of an as yet unnamed FOX/WALDEN joint venture.