For the first time in a decade, Garbage Man is returning to print. Garbage Man by Aaron Lopresti (Ms. Marvel), Matt Ryan (Justice League), John Kalisz (Basketful of Heads), Dave McCaig (American Vampire), Jared K. Fletcher (Paper Girls), and Warren Montgomery (Adventure Time Comics) will be released as a trade paperback by Dark Horse Comics on November 10th, 2021.

Aaron Lopresti‘s Garbage Man will arrive at your local comic shop on November 10th, 2021.

Toxic Revenger

Garbage Man tells the story of an attorney named Richard Morse who discovers that a certain pharmaceutical company has been breaking the law… only to be kidnapped and subjected to experimentation. But while his body ends up being destroyed by a laboratory explosion, what’s left of him combines with the dirt and creates the vengeance-fueled eco-hero (or is that eco-monster), Garbage Man.

The TPB will collect the Garbage Man stories that appeared in Weird Worlds #1 – 6, as well as the Garbage Man stories from My Greatest Adventure #1 – 6. And according to a Tweet from Lopresti on Twitter, that’s not all you can look forward to…

Garbage Man by Lopresti

If you’re interested in reading the press release from Dark Horse, you can do so beneath this article.

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When the World is a Dumpster Fire, There’s Only One Man for the Job.

MILWAUKIE, Ore., (June 25, 2021)— Garbage Man, the eco-hero revenge story, by writer and artist Aaron Lopresti (Ms. Marvel, Turok), inker Matt Ryan (Justice League, Black Widow), colorists John Kalisz (Basketful of Heads, Batman and Robin) and Dave McCaig (Fight Club 3, American Vampire), and letterers Jared K. Fletcher (Hellblazer, Paper Girls) and Warren Montgomery (Over the Garden Wall, Adventure Time Comics), is being collected by Dark Horse Comics into a paperback collection.

Ambitious lawyer, Richard Morse, uncovers the illegal operations of a pharmaceutical giant and is abducted and experimented on by the Corporation’s scientists. Morse’s body is destroyed in a lab explosion but his chemically charged remains merge with the soil and refuse changing him into the revenge minded monster/hero, Garbage Man. 

Garbage Man trade paperback will be available everywhere books are sold November 10, 2021. It is available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at your local comic shop and bookstore. Garbage Man will retail for $19.99. The Garbage Man trade paperback collects the Garbage Man story featured in Weird Worlds #1 – #6 and My Greatest Adventure #1 – #6.


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