In Billet-Doux by N. Kip, 1920s fashion and historical gay romance collide for an irresistible graphic narrative that looks so good you’ll want to pin every page up on you wall!


The comic is set in Northern California in 1921 and follows James Caldwell, a man who is meant to be becoming a lawyer but is more interested in pursing his professional tennis career. Can he manage to reconcile the expectations his father has for him while simultaneously self-actualizing?

The title, which means “love note” in French, alludes to the envelops which fill one of Caldwell’s drawers. While many women have become infatuated with Caldwell thanks to his prowess on the tennis courts, he is uninterested in their advances…

But when Caldwell’s father arranges for him to meet a client, it seems as though there could be a spark of something romantic…!

Style to Spare

It isn’t just the clothes that look amazing in this romance: the settings and historical flourishes, such as the cars, are all gorgeously rendered. Plus, each page is laid out with panache, with detail flooding the gutters between panels and adding even more texture to the proceedings.

So far, this period romance has had twenty-six pages published, with new additions scheduled for Fridays, so now is the ideal time to catch up on this series… and what better time than Pride Month?

Support Billet-Doux!

You can support Billet-Doux by donating to Kip’s Patreon, which can gain you access to perks like process videos and hi-res illustrations.

And if you’d like to keep up with all the latest updates to Billet-Doux, you’ll want to be sure and follow Kip on Twitter.

Plus, you can read read Billet-Doux on Webtoon or Tapas, if you’d prefer either of those platforms (they’re great for mobile)!

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