As is widely known, Tim Sale is the “ghost artist” for the painter character on HEROES, and over at Newsarama Zack Smith finds out everything you would want to know about the gig:

Newsarama: Starting with your Heroes work, how many pieces have you done so far?

Tim Sale: I’ve done maybe 20 paintings for the show and 30 comic book panels, not counting the comic that was given away as a promotion in San Diego. I should say right away, that the “paintings” are not actually paintings, they are wash drawings on comic book paper, about 11″x17″, that are then colored by the amazing Dave Stewart on a computer, and then blown up and transferred to canvas — except for the canvas part, just like Catwoman: When In Rome was produced.

Among the tidbits, former DC editor Chuck Kim is also working on the show.


  1. Do you also have paintings of the actual HEROES? I’m really interested in knowing them.

    Although I’m very much fascinated with the blasting scenes, still I’m more interested with the people behind the life-saving team.


  2. I’m also trying to find where I can get some of the art. I love that style, and want it on my walls!

  3. I also love the art and show and have been poking around to find a place to buy. Ill post if it actually amounts to anything.

  4. I’m looking for a print of Hiro and the T-Rex (“Isaac Mendez” painting) for a X-mas present. I’m having a hard time finding one. Any ideas of where to look.