200611150216Over at CBR Todd Dezago talks about a collected edition of TELLOS by himself and Mike Wieringo, due from Image.

The new edition features every “Tellos” work created by the Dezago/Wieringo team, including all ten issues of the original series, two 10-page side-stories and an additional 5-page supplement that appeared elsewhere in “Tellos'” short run. Dezago mentioned that the door is open for the remaining “Tellos” material, which was illustrated by other artists, to be collected at a later date. In the meantime, Dezago has reunited with Wieringo for an original graphic novel they expect to have completed next year.

A few blogs have been pondering hints that J. Torres will be writing a new LEGION series, based on the toon version. Actually, we can confirm this, since it was mentioned in a piece in Publishers Weekly a little while ago:

DC is planning an ongoing periodical comics series based on the cartoon written by J. Torres, Scott Beatty and writers from the show.

So there you go.

Meanwhile, the Grant Morrison/Andy Kubert run on BATMAN is having some delays, as a fill-in by John Van Fleet was itself pushed back to make room for a four-part story by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake called “Grotesk” will fill in issues #659-662, according to a DC mailer.