The new York comic Con IDW panel saw a number of announcements, including the news that THUNDER Agents would be relocating to IDW in early 2013, along with a rrlaunch of GI Joe helmed By Fred van Lente. Present for the panel were IDW marketing VP Dirk wood, President Greg Goldstein, Dr Who writer Andy Diggle, My Little Pony writer Katie Cook,  GI Joe writer van Plenteous, Star Trek / Dr Who artist JK Woodward, Star Trek writer Mike Johnson, and Adventures of Augusta Wind writer JM DeMatteis.

Announced first was Mars Attacks, which Wood called “a very dark sinister serious take” while displaying Mars Attacks vs Popeye art. They announced the 1:10 and 1:20 retailer incentives:

– Miss Fury by J Bone and Opus by Berkeley Breathed for Mars Attacks Popeye
– Judge Dredd by Greg Staples and Star Spammers by Walt Simonson for Mars Attacks KISS
– Chew by Rob Guillory and Madman by Mike Allred for Mars Attacks the Real Ghostbusters
– Spike and Strangers in Paradise for Mars Attacks Transformers
– ROG-2000 by John Byrne and Cerebus by Dave Similar for Mars Attacks Zombies vs Robots

Andy Diggle, who “gnawed my leg off to get out of my exclusive Marvel contract,” talked about doing Dr Who with Mark Buckingham, calling it “a real honor… but absolutely terrifying,” citing his longtime love of the series and of Steven Moffatt’sa work in particular. Starting with #4, Andy Seifert and Phillip Bond will do a brief fill-in.

Strongly hinted was a sequel to Star Trek/Dr Who, before the announcement of Dr Who: Prisoners of Time, a 12-issue series that will feature all 11 Doctors and celebrate the franchise’s 50th anniversary.

Starting in February, GI Joe will be relaunched, with:
– GI Joe by Fred van Lenten and Steve Kirghiz
– Secret Missions by Chuck Dixon and Paul Gulacy (March)
– The Cobra Files by Mike Costa and Antonio Fuso (April)

Fred van Lente said his book would focus on a core team, including Duke, Cover Girl, Roadblock, Shipwreck, and Tunnel Rat, and that the Joe-Cobra war would be “very public” and “pretty hardcore.” Van Lente and Comic Book History of Comics collaborator Ryan Dunlavey will be doing GI Joe History variant covers.

IDW confirmed initial orders of over 90,000 for My Little Pony #1, which made Cook crow, “I OUTSOLD UNCANNY X-MEN!”

Also announced was Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness for 2013, with Mike Johnson and David Lessons reuniting for a four-issue prequel to next year’s Trek film. Johnson hinted that he’d hidden Easter egg hints already in the ongoing book, which will run origin stories for the main cast alongside Countdown to Darkness.

IDW ended with a few quick announcements: THUNDER Agents, The High Way by John Byrne (with two more Byrne titles to come on 2013), Kill Shakespeare sequel Tide of Blood, and at long last, the Artist’s Edition for Will Eisner’s The Spirit in early ’13.


  1. Wow. I guess that was the secret project John Byrne was hinting at on his message board (or maybe it’s one of the other forthcoming books). *VERY* excited to see what he does with them.

    On the other hand: Another G.I. Joe relaunch? Sheesh. This going to be an every few year occurrence now? Count me out on that one, but best of luck to ’em on it.

  2. Having seen it, I really like the cover John Byrne did for the Mars Attacks event. Chris Ryall and I were discussing it a few days ago on Twitter and he asked me to guess which character John would be doing. I guessed Rog-2000 and he never answered, now I have confirmation as to why.

  3. Maybe the booze is clouding my comprehension, even if I haven’t had any yet, but I don’t understand these incentives at all. What are they getting for what?
    Are they doing several series, or are these all one-shots?
    And what are the retailers getting as incentives, variant covers or bonus books?
    Is Star Spammers a whimsical take on Star Slammers?
    Did they add anything to the announcement of T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents at IDW, like creatives attached, or just “T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents is coming to IDW. End communication.”
    I’m sorry, LTK, I don’t seem to be following your banter today.

  4. Another IDW relaunch of a Hasbro property.

    Both Transformers titles are at just above 10,000 k for the year. Recall the last time they relaunched Transformers was when sales dropped to the same level.

    This said Transformers relaunch coming January 2014.

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