A few bits of new information were revealed at DC’s New 52 Panel at NYCC/

DC has confirmed Justice League of America as a February debut.  That’s the previously announced Geoff Johns/David Finch Justice League spin-off.    Executive Editor Bob Harras is referring to them as “the world’s most dangerous superheroes.”

Thus far, when a title is cancelled another one replaces it.  GI Combat ends in December, so either it’s the New 51 in January or there’s a new title yet to be announced.

John Cunningham ducked a question about whether there would be a fourth wave in January, so expect the same question to come up with Dan DiDio and Jim Lee have a panel.

All-Star Western is taking a detour into science fiction with Jonah taking a trip to the year 2050 to team up with Adam Strange.  I’d say that sounded odd, but there was a brief Jonah Hex title in the ’80s called Hex where he was transported to the future to be more of a Mad Max-ish bounty hunter.

Keith Giffen will be joining Paul Levitz for an arc of Legion of Superheroes that will feature the Fatal Five.

Ray Fawkes will be joining Jeff Lemire as co-writer of Justice League Dark.  Fawkes was co-writer for the Vertigo series Mnemovore back in 2005 and has been doing work for Oni more recently.

Alas, nobody thought to ask if the Blue Beetle’s inclusion in Giffen’s new Threshold title has any bearing on the Beetle’s low-selling solo title.


  1. They should have gotten a different writer for JLA. It may be a top seller but does anyone read Justice league and think yeah, More of this?

  2. Ugh. That is not what I want from my Jonah Hex stories. I wish they never messed with the format of the original series. I don’t like him dragging Dr. arkham everywhere he goes and I don’t think i like time travel.

  3. I agree completely!

    The different characters tegother here could be interesting (4 from Dixons Outsiders run) and Finch on art is a major plus (thank god he isn’t writing!), but Johns???? Come on! His JL is unreadable. I would very nearly literally take any actual writer over Johns…. So this is a non buy for me.

  4. Hex was a terrible title created in the hopes of boosting Jonah Hex’s lagging sales, which didn’t happen as nobody saw it as a good idea and therefore it didn’t sell. Why they would try it again is anybody’s guess.

  5. Jonah Hex and Adam Strange?
    Sounds like an awesome Brave and the Bold pairing.
    Screw you hatefuls noids, I’m all for this!!

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