I totally stole this from the blog of Marie Javins, a long time editor (most recently at DC) and colorist and adventurer:

Choose Your Own Adventure:

If you can tolerate the desperation of returning to the place you just left to run around in a hamster wheel while looking forward to sleeping late on the weekend, go to work.

If you choose the pressure of never knowing if you’ll have cash for rent or food while you have a bit of dignity, go to freelance.

Both paths lead to obscurity, eventual illness, and death, so choose carefully.

Since I just stole this profound thought from Marie, here’s a more recent post of hers, reporting on her trip to the International Comics Expo in Birmingham, UK, to tech coloring workshops.

The common complaint people have is they don’t understand why their art prints so dark, and I’m pretty good at articulating the relationship between the software and printing ink. The one who attended both thanked me several times and then showed me his portfolio. I’m glad I didn’t know how good he was when I was teaching.

Life is a highway. As long as you keep traveling, you win.


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