Rpm1970Mike Sterling recently linked to this old reader-drawn pages from Gold Key comics of the ’60s. The image also got Boing-Boinged. We are dating our selves by saying we remember lots of our favorite comics that had that very page in it, and must thank Mike for opening up a whole can of worms of repressed memories. It’s all coming back now. Robbie…it was ME who hid your chew toy.

Meanwhile, in our nepotism corner, The Beat‘s mom has updated her strip BIRD BRAINS, and this episode genuinely hit our funny bone, and perhaps reading it you will understand where The Beat gets much of our sense of humor.

By the way, if you’re looking for pictures of last weekend’s Adrian Tomine signing at Rocketship, Tom has ’em, in a report that dubs us a “luminary.” We don’t know quite how to feel about that. We’re no luminary, just someone who posts their mother’s cartoons on their blog.


  1. The page I remember had characters made from letters and numbers.
    My older brothers bought most of them, usually of cartoon characters I have not seen since.
    What I remember most are the ads, especially the groovy patches and posters. And that Ideal “Master Of Disguise” doll with makeup that boys could wear!