THOR, starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Anthony Hopkins, opens on May 6th.


Our thoughts?

Man, this looks like a Marvel movie. Same blue/grey/tech, same sinister doctors/feds, same heroine helping the hero find his place/use his powers in the world.

All that is missing is the wifebeater.

We should have been nicer when Ang Lee’s HULK came out. That said, I’m sure it will be a painless use of two hours and we can’t wait for THE AVENGERS!


  1. You pathetic Internet mouth breather.

    These are professionals who EARNED the right to entertain your sorry ass. They work when they’re sick

    They are fun to have coffee with!

    I hope an airplane engine crashes through your roof and lands on your face.

    I see right through you, hater.

  2. Yeah, that comment on the trailer wasn’t baiting in the least. Bravo.

    “All that is missing is the wifebeater.”

    Stay married. You’ll see one soon enough. :)

  3. Most Marvel films leave me underwhelmed. I usually don’t see them till they hit Netflix. But I have high hopes for this one, if for no other reason than that the hero is not trying to deal with a father figure’s death, as in Daredevil and Spider-man (though there are still daddy issues here).
    Also, I still trust JMS’ writing, although he’s given us a clunker or two from time to time and I’d like him to actually FINISH The Twelve…

  4. I have burnt out on Marvel movies. The last Iron Man one will probably be my last until Avengers, and then that will be about it for me. But I don’t read superhero comics and I’m not a big movie person, so I’m absolutely not the sort of person they’re looking to bring into the theaters for this.

  5. doesn’t just about every character in the dc and marvel U, as well as the majority of characters in the majority of fiction have daddy issues? kind of narrowing the field for yourself aren’t you? and does that mean you don’t like King Lear either?

  6. Given that this is intended to be Yet Another Marvel Superhero Movie, the next installment in a huge cinematic crossover, the similarity in look and feel is… unsurprising.

    @CP: There’s a difference between commenting on the work and personal attacks on the people involved. GFY.

  7. Mayhap, Mortal. But at least it looks like a Thor movie whereas Iron Man looked like a Robert Downey Jr. movie.

  8. The current editorial regime at Marvel can’t get me interested in their books with YOUR money, but their movie and television arms are doing just about everything right these days and this looks to continue that trend . . .

  9. Does anyone else feel like they’re stuck in a perpetual cycle of anticipation that peaks when these comic-based movies go from rumor to official announcement, then slowly fizzle into ever-increasing disappointment culminating in an anticlimactic two hours spent at the theatre?

  10. I’ll probably be skipping Thor and Green Lamtern, but that Green Hornet picture looks good. Gondy’s always doing something interesting.

  11. i blame myself for being disappointed. when he’s between projects i keep forgetting that Kenneth Branagh isn’t Federico Fellini or Julian Schnabell; he’s Kenneth Branagh. a guy who made a really really good movie 20 years ago.

    it’s a shame, i’m not any kind of fan of the Thor comics (i’ve only read the Simonson ones), but i’d bet this could have been made into a truly amazing film unlike anything we’ve seen before just based on the weirdness of the concept, and not like a movie that i feel like i’ve already seen a few dozen times.

  12. Dave Miller-lad says:
    12/12/2010 at 8:06 pm

    “But at least it looks like a Thor movie whereas Iron Man looked like a Robert Downey Jr. movie.”

    Being a Robert Downey Jr. movie is the only thing that makes an Iron Man movie worth watching.

    Thor looks a lot better than I was expecting and Green Lantern looks way worse.

    So, naturally all my hopes are resting on Paul.

  13. “Thor looks a lot better than I was expecting and Green Lantern looks way worse.”

    Agree with this, and surprised by it. Hope the next batch of GL stuff we see is better.

  14. I think it looks great, much better than what I was expecting actually. I think the Asgard scenes will help to distinguish it from the other “Marvel movies” (the brief clip of Thor and Odin yelling at each other was great!), but regardless I am not sick of the formula yet – there have really only been three of these released by Marvel Studios to date – so bring it on.

    I think it’s amazing we have already gotten to the point where people react to these trailers with “meh”.