The THOR footage shown at Comic-Con has been leaking out all over the place, and far be it from us to link you to a place to see it, as it’s being taken down quickly, but in case you can’t find it, Splash Page has a blow-by-bow account.
They also have a link to Twitter reactions from comics pros, including this gem from Erik Larsen:

@ErikJLarsen The THOR trailer sounded a lot more awesome when described to me by @robertliefeld
@ErikJLarsen –but then EVERYTHING sounds more awesome when described by @robertliefeld

BTW it is NOT, strictly speaking, a TRAILER but a TEASER. At five minutes and this much spoiler-y footage, there is NO WAY this qualifies as a trailer.

As for our own take….well…Hm. Chris Hemsworth has a nice figure and he’s blond. The art direction looks kinda cheesy, hopefully the story will pull everyone past that. The surprise appearance at the end was awesome, however.



  1. I liked it a lot! Definitely sold me on the whole concept – I love how close to comics themes it’s staying, and I’m actually really happy with the art direction.

    Also, I find myself thinking about the decision to do away with the pseudo-Shakespearean dialog. I think it was a way, originally, for Stan Lee to give the shorthand that these were gods, and they speak in a grander, more portentous way than the rest of us. However, with the dialog in the movie, they can speak just a bit more poetically then normal people, and the gravitas of the actors can carry the effect, so that overall (for me) it works to do basically what Lee was after without sounding silly when read out loud. So – very well done from that standpoint as well.

    And the Destroyer: wow!

  2. This looks AMAZING!(especially the Asgard stuff).
    It’s early days, but it looks like Branagh has knocked this one out of the park. And certainly shown up the flashy, but ultimately shallow Ironman films. Count me in!

  3. holy friggin’ crap. that looked great (and i had my doubts about how this was gonna look). best part? the fact that asgard and the asgardians have (IMO) such a kirbyish look to it/them. sticking close to the source material and making no apologies about it. about friggin’ time. and the destroyer? damn, that was sweet. now if they can only do something about that captain america uniform that looks like crap on ice (no pun intended). also waiting to see if they screw up or get right hawkeye’s duds for the avengers movie.