Zappa Kirby
Jah Furry shares a preview of the new issue of Royal Flush Magazine, which contains much of comics-related interest:

• Exclusive cover story / interview with Playboy’s Hugh Hefner, including a first-time-ever-printed 60-year-old autobiographical comic strip written and drawn by Hef. In homage, Royal Flush Book 6 features two foldout posters: centerfold by comics rock star Paul Pope and calendar by poster legend Brian Ewing. Plus, a Joan Jett flip cover with 3-D “smoke eyes” spot gloss varnish.

• Interviews with Joan Jett, Leslie Nielsen, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Brian Posehn, Jeffrey Ross, Jim Gaffigan, Ahmet Zappa, Jenna Jameson, Dethklok, Basil Gogos, Danny Trejo and more.

• Art and comics by Harvey Pekar, Rick Veitch, Peter Kuper, John Pound, Basil Gogos, Danny Hellman, Sean Pryor, Cojo, Aaron Augenblick, Scrojo, Robin Eley, Steve Chanks, Erik Rodriguez, Seldon Hunt, Ryan Dunlavey and many more.

Above, Frank Zappa as a Jack Kirby character, as drawn by Rick Veitch.

In addition, this week will see the launch of the Royal Flush Festival, Oct. 15 – 19, 2009 in NYC. Details of the music/film/art fest are in the link, but we’ll be appearing at a panel on Saturday at 4 PM at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center, 107 Suffolk Street. The topic: BLOGGING. The participants:
Michael K – Founder/Editor,
Brandon Harris – Hammer to Nail, Filmmaker Magazine, Spout Blog, Cinema Echo Chamber
Heidi MacDonald – Editor, Publisher Weekly’s The Beat
Brandon Kim –’s Indie Ear
The panel will be moderated by John Holmstrom.