After having been ripped off countless times in the past 25 years, Peter Bagge’s BRADLEYS comics have been given a pilot deal at Fox. Flog reports that Bagge is writing the pilot for an animated series, which will deal with über-slacker Buddy Bradley’s teen-aged years with Butch, Babs, and the ‘rents.

This is actually at least Bagge’s second go-round with TV, as he had a pilot development deal with MTV back in the ’90s. Hopefully, his brand of painfully honest but manically inventive social satire will fit in better with the existing Fox lineup of dysfunctional families.

As if that isn’t enough, we seem to be entering the Bagge Deacde, as this article reveals he’s teaching writing at Seattle University, has just finished a Vertigo graphic novel, and is trying to develop a line of graphic novel bios of “independent and influential” women, such as Zora Neale Hurston, Margaret Sanger, Rose Wilder Lane, Laura Ingalls, Ayn Rand, Betty MacDonald, and Isabel Paterson.

While Bagge says he doesn’t have a publisher lined up, we can think of a few who are looking for just this kind of educational/historical material, so go for it, people.


  1. I wondered about the consideration of Ayn Rand, since her reputation as a novelist is mixed; Atlas Shrugged, in particular, has been scorned.

    Turns out she’s been credited with influencing a couple of comics creators:

    Steve Ditko, co-creator of the Spider-man character, created several comic-book characters based on his Objectivist beliefs, including Mr. A and the DC Comics character the Question.[108] The later graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore embodies a critique of Randian ideas in the character of Rorschach, which Moore credits to Ditko’s influence.

    So, let’s see her, even if “go Galt” was recently a joke among liberals.


  2. “Turns out [Ayn Rand has] been credited with influencing a couple of comics creators”

    And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Libertarian Peter Bagge himself weren’t among them…

  3. Aargh. Got caught in a bunch of double-negative syntax there. Sorry!

    I meant, of course, that I wouldn’t be surprised if Peter Bagge also counted Ayn Rand as an influence. At the very least, I imagine that he’s a Rand-fan, which explains why she’d be on his list of independent and influential women…

  4. And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Libertarian Peter Bagge himself weren’t among them…

    Thanks for the info. Searches turned up various things about Bagge’s political beliefs. He’s apparently a staunch defender of capitalism and has identified himself as leaning libertarian. There was a thread on the TCJ message board wondering how Bagge would handle the economic near-disaster.

    Here are strips Bagge has done for Reason, from 2001 into 2008.