WOW, The Beat is so far behind in everything. If you’ve emailed or called or anything we apologize for being in radio silence. There is just not enough time in the day.

But even so, we’ll be headed to C2E2 tomorrow, first for the Diamond retail event and then the regular show. Good times! We’ll have a who’s where later — please send links and party poop.

BTW, were the editors of TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED obsessed with the color green? That WAS unexpected.



  1. ***SPOILER ALERT***

    The man hated green because his artistic rival was renowned for his landscape paintings. The color (even as a word) drives him to homicidal ends, but crime never pays. He is sentenced to a long stretch at a prison farm, working amongst the green fields.

    You did want to know, right?

    (These two issues strike me as good choices to ask every retailer for at the show – let’s start a run on these issues!)

  2. Well, the green on the cover does “pop” when contrasted with the blues and purples.

    Plus there’s a (talking) gorilla. (Donenfeld Theorem of Cover Gimmicks)