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By James Romberger and Heidi MacDonald

This weekend, New Yorkers will get a chance to meet some comics industry legends when the Big Apple Con hits Penn Plaza. Although there are some notable media guests including Wilson Cruz and Sherilynn Fenn, the event is also a showcase for some legendary old school comics talent. The lineup includes Mike Royer (who inked  New Gods for Kirby, which will be a film now by the director of Wrinkle in Time), Sy Barry, Joe Giella, Ramona Fradon, Bob Camp, and Jim Steranko.

The programming includes appearances by many of these, and may even answer the mystery of whether or not it really was Sy Barry who was the artist on the widely distributed MLK Jr. comic book from the early 60s.

The Beat has been given a peak at the programming for both Saturday and Sunday, so make your schedule now.


SATURDAY April 14th – Globetrotter Room


10:00 AM – show opens

11:00 AM – Association of Rhode Island Authors panel moderated by Tabitha Lord

Details: Mike Squatrito, Christopher Paniccia, & Heather Rigney discuss writing habits, fan fiction, good storytelling and more.

11:50 AM – ‘Inking King Kirby’ panel with Mike Royer moderated by Rand Hoppe from the Kirby Museum

Details: Jack Kirby’s exemplary embellisher discusses working with the King of Comics on his acclaimed stories for DC and Marvel.


12:40 PM – Gold & Silver Age Comic Artists Roundtable moderated by Danny Fingeroth

Details: Legendary artists Ramona Fradon, Joe Giella, and Sy Barry remember their vast comics careers from the 1940s until today.

1:30 PM – ‘Discovering Star Trek’s Wilson Cruz’ moderated by Dan Fogel

Details: Learn about the life and career in activism of the amazing actor who portrays Star Trek: Discovery’s Dr. Hugh Culber.

2:20 PM – Chuck Staton & Brad Rohrer reimagine The Avengers

Details: A demential preview of The Avengers: Infinity Wars.

3:00 PM – ‘Twin Peaks & Beyond with Sherilyn Fenn’ panel moderated by Joe Mauceri

Details: From iconic roles in Twin Peaks to Of Mice and Men to the new Titans, Sherilyn Fenn shares secrets of her performances.

3:50 PM – ‘DC TV’s Good Hex: Johnathon Schaech’ moderated by Chuck Staton & Brad Rohrer

Details: If you’re Johnathon Schaech, That Thing You Do is thrill audiences as Western antihero Jonah Hex on Legends of Tomorrow!

4:40 PM – ‘Cosplay as a Profession with Lua Stardust’ panel moderated by Li Li Xiu

Details: Meet Alternative Model & Pro Cosplayer Lua Stardust whose love for all things geek informs her incredible costuming.

5:30 PM – ‘Big Apple Comic Con Cosplay Championship’ hosted by Captain Zorikh with presenter Lua Stardust

Details: A superstar panel looks for the most exciting cosplayers. Come as any character from comics, related media, or your own!


7:00 PM – show closes


SUNDAY April 15th – Globetrotter Room

10:00 AM – show opens

11:00 AM – Big Apple Con Film Trailers with Joe Mauceri

Details: Fears Magazine’s own Joe Mauceri brings you the hottest previews of upcoming and highly anticipated genre films.

11:50 AM – Sailor Moon in Concert with Jennifer Cihi presented by Chuck Staton & Brad Rohrer

Details: Broadway/Nickelodeon star & Sailor Moon’s singing voice Jennifer Cihi sings and reminisces about her incredible career.

12:40 PM – ‘Jenel Stevens: Warrior Women of Wakanda’ panel moderated by Demetrius Angelo

Details: Black Panther’s Dora Milaje Jénel Stevens explores the impact of diverse strong female characters in superhero films.

1:30 PM – ‘Captain Marvel Culture with Peter David’ moderated by Captain Zorikh

Details: Prolific multi-media author Peter David talks all things Shazam and more in Big Apple’s regular Captain Marvel panel.

2:20 PM – Chuck Staton & Brad Rohrer Reimagine The Avengers

Details: A preview of The Avengers: Infinity Wars from the far side of the universe.

2:50 PM – Costume Contest Sign Up with Captain Zorikh

Details: Final Registration for the audience-judged event called “The most fun costume contest on the East Coast”!

3:00 PM – The People’s Costume Contest with Captain Zorikh

Details: Open to all levels of experience, the audience judges contestants on the quality of their costumes and presentation!

4:00 PM – Rogue Alliance Kids Jedi Academy with Daniel Reiser

Details: Fan group Rogue Alliance teaches a fun kids-only Jedi light-saber training workshop. No grown-ups; younglings only!

6:00PM – show closes