Let’s face it, it’s not easy to make it as a creative in the world, in the comics industry it can feel even more difficult. There’s a new course hoping to change this by making breaking through easier for emerging artists. Create the Break is dedicated to developing emerging comic artists skills and talents in an effort to help promote and foster new opportunities.

Create the Break will help selected individuals in the fields of career management, skill development, design process and professional engagement. The program is currently looking to support emerging artists located in the West Midlands, the county and city region of western central England. The course will hold bi-weekly workshops over six months lead by industry professionals.

These professionals will serve as tutors who will provide critical feedback and mentoring support. A full list of tutors who have signed onboard are provided on Create the Break’s website, some of these tutors include: Laura Howell (The Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert & Sullivan), John McCrea (DC, Marvel and 2000AD), Dave Gibbons (DC), among others.

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Create the Break is brought to us by Comic Creative Catalyst (CCC) which was founded in 2017 by John McCrea, Laura Howell and Clare Downes as a response to a lack of professional development opportunities for emerging comic artists.

Here’s some more information about what the course is, its requirements and who may apply:

Why Apply?

The course provides specialist workshops with some of the biggest names in the field, FOR FREE. We are creating the opportunity to connect with publishers and editors, under guidance of artists and business development professionals. It’s also an opportunity to be part of an exciting group of emerging comic artists, who can offer support and critical soundboard.

Course Requirements:

There will be an expectation for candidates to attend at least 90% of the workshops and you will be set design tasks in between. Self publishing is a great platform to begin building your profile; you will work collectively to produce a small anthology of work with your course colleagues. The anthology publication will be released in print, with a showing of this work at the Birmingham Central Library. If you cannot commit to these requirements, this course is not for you.

Who are we looking for?

We’re not worried about your age, gender, background or if you have a degree in graphic arts. Successful candidates will be selected on both their artistic potential and commitment to working as a professional within the industry.

Applications open on 05/04/2018 and close on 03/05/2018, a £5 fee to enter will apply. From there a shortlist of 25 successful applicants will be invited for interview in early May, with 15 of those progressing onto the course. You can view the entire course listing here.

The course is supported through public financing from Arts Council England which is supported through government funding from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).


  1. Laura Martin isn’t associated with this that I’ve read. Did you mean Laura Howel in the headline? Or was this cross-colorist-confusion between Jordi Bellaire and Laura Martin? (They’re both really good…)

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