November 2nd is Steve Ditko’s birthday, and so it’s only right that The Beat remembers his pioneering work in comics for this, his birthday weekend.


Beginning his comics career in the 1950s, Ditko is best known for his work with Stan Lee – most notably in their co-creations Spider-Man and Dr Strange, two enduring characters for Marvel comics. And though he’s also worked with DC, where he co-created another host of notable characters like The Question, Blue Beetle, and Shade The Changing Man.


But, as of 1998, Ditko retired from superhero comics and moved to creator-owned work, published through Robin Snyder. He’s intermittently released a string of essays, comics and work through Snyder ever since. Still working and producing material through his office in Manhattan, he’s one of the most inspired and creative minds to have ever hit American comics, and we’re all still trying to catch up with him to this day.

Happy Birthday, Steve Ditko! 


  1. Blue Beetle was at Charlton when Ditko created him (and it’s probably worth mentioning that he created Blue Beetle II, not the original).

    I’ve contributed to Snyder’s recent Kickstarters and gotten the reprints of The Ditko Public Service Package and Laszlo’s Hammer, plus some extra goodies. Ditko’s work is always beautiful and fascinating, even when it gets didactic.

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