Housekeeping notes:

• The OLD Beat is up at a new URL: Believe it or not we’re still trying to get all the old posts imported into the newer Beat, but it looks like I’ll have to clean up the database by hand which will take….well, there were over 8800 posts at the Old Beat. So….don’t hold your breath.

• I’m at an Undisclosed Location this week (unless you read Twitter) and using the old laptop, which isn’t performing too well since the Panther upgrade. (It’s the 12″ G4 Powerbook, the most adorable Apple ever, unless you think it was the clamshell. It is maxed out with memory and so on, and I think it’s so cute, but I think it may be time to move on.) Anyway, it’s been kinda tiring to negotiate which is why I haven’t been lightning fast with the updates.


• This isn’t housekeeping but, poor Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. In this interview they confront some of the negative reactions to this week’s episode “Across the Sea” and it isn’t too pretty. It’s as if they thought that by saying they would neevr discuss LOST again after that last episode they thought no one else would, either and…that isn’t how it’s going to work. And they get a little defensive with their “Why we know ALL ABOUT who was shooting at the outrigger back in Season Five — we just aren’t going to tell anyone!” Okay, okay, if that’s how it’s going to be, maybe you’ll trade your peanut butter and banana sandwich for my tuna fish, Darlton.

Look at the bright side: “ATS” just lowered our expectations a bit and we can just be grateful for 6 years of mostly solid entertainment and let Darlton get on with their lives to the point where they too do not need to move to Undisclosed Locations for the rest of their natural lives. As one of our own commenters said, “this show is really about is sexy people shooting each other on a beautiful backdrop” and on that level it’s always worked.


  1. Wow, that interview really deflated me. I didn’t like the episode for many reasons they didn’t address, and found them as defensive as everyone else. It also kind of fills me with dread for the finale, because it seems they are already bracing for backlash, not something you’d expect if you just filmed a really great hour and a half of television.

  2. Cruse and Lindelof sure did come off whiny and defensive. Man. I mean, what I hear them saying over and over again is “We sure did poorly plan out this series ending even though we’ve known about it for three years, therefore we can’t show you HALF the answers you’re looking for, because we just don’t have the time. Even though we squandered half of the final season on nothingness. (And really, the show wasn’t about them there mysteries, anyway. Wink. But we DO have all the answers, trust us, we’re just never going to reveal them.)”

    Right, right. Sure thing, there.

  3. my friend matt says these last few episodes would be a great season ender, if there was a magic seventh season coming next year.

    too bad we only have 3.5 hours of the series left.

    That said, I find it hard to believe that the mouse will let LOST last fallow.

    I’m already calling for a BKV-helmed “untold tales of LOST” comic.

  4. Well, if LOST is going off the rails, at least it’s here at the end.
    I can handle it. I got through the last 50 issues of CEREBUS. :(

  5. Cuse: We make no apologies. We planned this to be the way it is. Lindehof: I love the idea that some fans are literally saying we jumped the shark last night! 119 hours in! We finally jumped the shark! So good! You guys are going to spare yourselves the agita of the final three hours of the show.

    Wow. I guess these guys took all those criticisms of the last episode to heart! They sound as defensive and dismissive as MARVEL/DC writers called out by comics fandom on the Net… or like Lucas in justifying the changes to the Originial Trilogy/existence of the Prequels to old school SW fans. (On the plus side: I don’t think Linde(x)Cuse will ever change the “Sayid Shot First” scene to cgi Ben pulling out a zipgun at him— at least not until the LOST: Special Edition Blu-Rays come out?)

    Nonetheless, will stick it out till the end: can’t wait to see how MY own theories and predictions match up with those of the actual Finale. And can’t wait to see how the LOST ending will compare to the Finales of SOPRANOS… BSG… OZ… ST:TNG/DS9…