Megan Fox is thinking about dressing as Slave Girl Leia at Comic-Con.

San Diego might explode.


  1. No. I think between the unsightly tattoos and the creepily thin waist, she’s really not all that attractive (to me, YMMV).

    I’ll take Scarlett any day of the week.

  2. My brain melted merely from this brain dead waif getting so much media attention, and I agree with previous posters someone give her a cookie.

  3. Coincidentally, just this morning, I was telling a colleague that of all the artifacts of fandom I’ve encountered at conventions, none of them are as disturbing to me as the whole women-dressing-up-as-Slave-Leia thing. None of them.

  4. I’d like to thank Heidi for not using the Jonah Hex picture. Her waist is so small in that shot it makes my head hurt.

  5. It looks like she’s wearing a corset in those Hex photos…a commonplace fashion item through much of the 19th century with all the health problems that ensued. Take a naturally small woman and throw in a corset and it all makes sense.

  6. She talked about it, I think, in last week’s EW interview.

    The explanation, even if it makes sense, doesn’t take away from the fact it hurts to see that picture.

  7. Heidi’s right. You can’t tell me at some point during the movie she doesn’t rip the corset off and start shooting, free at last from ungainly whalebone and patriarchy.

    Astonished at all the hate though for the pretty girl who either a) really reads comics or is b) smart enough to really get what it means to at least do her homework on it and not fake it like the rest.

    Plus she looks more like the Black Widow in that picture than ScarJo will in full costume — right? We love you Megan Fox, alone in your Hollywood Hills house, reading the Beat on your laptop, misunderstood and already glad that tomorrow is Wednesday. In our hearts if not our posts.


  8. Ever since seeing her “hammer thumbs” I just can’t look at this woman the same (not that I thought she was super hot in the first place, but fairly attractive).

  9. Sorry to say, I don’t think she actually read comics or has done her homework, Brad. “Slave-girl Leia at cons” has pretty much entered mainstream consciousness by now, and she probably saw quite a few while doing press for the first Transformers movie. As for wanting to visit the Top Cow booth– I’d say that has more to do with her having been cast in Fathom than any sort of real attachment to the company’s product.

  10. Yeah crappy thumbs and it’s all over. Lace up that corset tighter, Megan!


    PS: I think Megan Fox’s wonderfully well-thought out and placed tattoos say more about her than anything, but that’s me.

  11. Meh. To me fo has all the appeal of a Hooter’s waitress. Hell, I wish she would go do that instead of trying to act and go to Comic Con in one of the most cliche costumes to try to appeal to fans. Hell, video game show host Olivia Munn already did it a couple of years ago. Plus Kristen Bell did it relevantly in Fanboys. That was the tops for me. Plus I prefer form fitting midriff showing Stormtrooper girls anyway. Give me a girl who can va mold.

  12. Meh. What’s the point of dressing up as Slave Leia, when we’ve already had our minds blown by certain actresses who’ve dressed (such that it is) in the Slave Leia outfit — y’know: Yvonne Strahotski, Kristen Bell and . . . umm, Carrie FIsher.

    Now, if Megan Fox would come to Comic-Con dressed up as Olivia Munn — okay, as a naughty French maid or Wonder Woman — which would almost certainly require Fox to get her ho-tats lasered off, that would be super.

    — Rob

  13. how soon everyone forgets about Jennifer Aniston as Leia from that episode of Friends, which may have kicked off the “famous chick dress as Leia” phenomenon.

    Another vote here for Munn > Fox.

  14. Mark — ITA that it’s Aniston in the slave-girl outfit that started the phenom. Nobody forgets Jennifer Aniston as Leia because she filled out the bodice so well (Kinda the point, BID.).

    But the problem with referencing that scene is that they have Rachel wearing her hair in the cinnamon bon atrocity from Star Wars rather than the far more plausible ‘do from RotJ. One could argue that they were deliberately mixing and matching the ‘do from IV with the outfit from VI, but Ross is both anal-retentive *and* a Star Wars nerd. He’d never mix up the look, much less let Rachel get it wrong. It’s a fetish, so by definition the person with the fetish is going to want it to hew exactly to the original.

    So IMO, the gag just reads like the two live-action Justice League/Super Friends specials — like the makers of the show thought they were being clever but got it so horribly, horribly wrong without realizing it.

    — Rob

    PS: You wouldn’t know it from the above, but I’m actually not a Star Wars fan. I’m a casual Trekkie. (ie: I hate the term Trekker, the Trekkies that dress up as Bajorans scare me, I read more of the novels than just Peter David’s novels, but I can’t quote anything more than “Live Long and Prosper” and “The Needs of the Many” yadayadayada. Also, the reboot rocked.)

    PPS: I just read over Heidi’s comment about Fox’s tatoos and I decided that I had to clarify my reference to “ho-tats.” Fox doesn’t look like she’s headed anywhere near toward becoming a Suicide Girl (much less Kat Von Dee), so her tats don’t go above the ho- or tramp-stamp level, IMO. Just unnecessary, aimless distraction.

  15. This thread is like the deep, pervading sadness of 2:30 am at Joker’s Wild the Wednesday before Thanksgiving except I’m not drunk and Mike Emerson isn’t making me laugh with “Stay Gold, Pony Boy” jokes.

  16. Okay… here’s hoping that the new “slave Leia” will be “Orion slave girl”. Not only is the concept HOT (Rachel Nichols in New Trek), but also empowering (Trekkers know that the Orion piracy collective is actually run by women).

    When I was a teen attending Omacon, a very curvaceous, confident, and empowered woman entered the masquerade as an Orion slave. I don’t recall what she won, but I do remember she then auctioned a kiss for charity (the con’s and the winner’s) which went for $100.

    I really don’t think much of Slave Leia or Megan Fox or Jennifer Aniston. I can see the popularity of crossing a harem fetish with Star Wars, and I think the Orion Slave ideal is similar. Much easier as well, just paint your body green, toss on some revealing scarves or what-not, and strut your stuff. (Men can do the same, much sexier than Klingons. Come on… PIRATES. STAR TREK.)

    But what do I know… I once had a crush on Missi Pyle in Galaxy Quest. And Zooey Deschanel in Hitchhiker’s. And…

  17. I still don’t know what all the hub-ub is about over her. She’s kinda pretty, I guess, but not all that.

    And this stunt would appeal to the SW geeks, but she’s still in deep with us comic book fans over her Wonder Woman comment. grrrr…

  18. Spurgeon:

    1) NOW you get it!

    2) I’m pretty sure that nobody wants to see you drunk anyway. We just want to creep you out. ;)

    — Rob

  19. really? i didn’t know Princess Leia had a giant tatoo of Marilyn Monroe’s face on her arm. She must have got it in Ep. 3