Things to do today: Benefit for Stan and Sharon Sakai

As we’ve been reporting here for a while, Sharon Sakai, wife of Usagi Yojimbo cartoonist Stan Sakai has been undergoing a long, costly illness. Although they have insurance, it does not cover all the costs associated with her convalescence. And so:

CAPS, the Cartoon Art Professional Society, has decided to provide whatever assistance we can, starting with an ongoing auction of original art. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Stan & Sharon to help pay their ongoing medical expenses. 

You can give via Paypal at the link, or mail in a check or do whatever but, please give a little.

Stan and Sharon are two of the truly nice and thoughtful people in this business. They are so nice they make the rest of us look bad. Stan’s been posting about the ordeal on his FB page, but remains upbeat, productive and loving towards his wife despite the grueling nature of a lengthy illness. Anyway, nothing but good karma will come of any donation you make.


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