Al Kennedy, the man most of us refer to as KEEN EYES KENNEDY, has done it again! He’s spotted a secret code in Marvel’s newest batch of solicitations, which suggests some much-loved characters will be making their return very soon.


The solicitation for Nova #7 by Zeb Wells and Paco Medina reads:

Nova’s Eventful World-Wide Adventure Rockets Roaringly Into Our Renegade Spider!

Hm. Looks like if we go a bit acrostic, we can spot a secret clue in the code there! Good eyes, Kennedy!

I know a lot of people would be very excited to see Speedball and co return to Marvel, and it’ll be especially interesting to see how they interact with the new Nova. And OF COURSE can lead me to speculate wildly, as most things tend to.

If the New Warriors are returning to Marvel soon, then could this perhaps solidify the rumour that Rage will be in Marvel’s SHIELD TV series, which will be kicking off around the same time? Or is Zeb Wells playing one of his legendary pranks on us all, and all of this means nothing?

Fingers crossed that this is true, and Niels the cat will show up too!


  1. I keep telling people that I’m not a cat…

    Anyway, I’d guess that if there’s a New Warriors in Nova, it’s gonna be a new New Warriors, with all young heroes starting out. Bonus points if they actually call them the New New Warriors

  2. Well, there’s also the time of the New Warriors Omnibus which came out this week. So I would say there are plans afoot. Be nice if they took some of the Runaways characters and rolled them in…

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