Whee doggie…so much to catch up on. Having dodged radioactive spies across two continents, we’re back in the saddle to say: laugh away, Putty-put!

It does seem that our brief holiday managed to allow us to miss the biggest comics story of the year: a cartoonist/karate expert going commando and taking a city hostage. Or as the trailer guy might put it: “Jose Varela has been on the receiving end for years; But today, Jose Varela is deciding to get to the truth…and anyone who gets in his way is going to find out…Jose Varela is BUSTING LOOSE.”

We’ll be saving our comments on Minx and other matters until we’ve had time to collate a bit of the chatter. In the meantime, thanks to Spurge for the package. Much appreciated, amigo.

Also, this has been keeping us going since we got back: from Jack Beaver’s version of “Workaday World” to Jean Jacques Perrey to the squealing organs of Ethel Smith and Stanley Black…we’re a lounge fueled information hub. It’s the good stuff.

OH AND PS: If you emailed us over the last 10 days or so and never heard back, please resend. It probably got lost in the inbox, or even the spam filter, and we just don’t have time to wade through it all just yet. THANKS!