COMIC BOOK CLUB w/DEAN HASPIEL!comics book club with dean haspiel

On this week’s Comic Book Club we have Emmy-winning Writer/Artist DEAN HASPIEL! He’s got an awesome new auto-biographical collection out called BEEF WITH TOMATO from Alternative Press. We’re going to talk about the book, New York City, Dean’s work on THE FOX and LIFE IN GENERAL.

PLUS we’re going to talk FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, The Force Awakens and Pete’s going to speak French for a second!
Tuesday, September 8th – 7pm
Tickets: FREE! (21+)
105 Eldridge St.
[Btwn. Grand and Broome St.]

pen ny
PEN DIY with Marisa Marchetto: How to Use Death as Your Life Coach
PEN is thrilled to welcome graphic novelist, activist, and The New Yorker cartoonist Marisa Marchetto as the headliner for the fall launch of our PEN DIY season at Ace Hotel New York. The author of the bestselling graphic memoir Cancer Vixen and the forthcoming Ann Tenna (Knopf), Marisa will talk about her life in fashion, art, and activism and will offer guidelines for what to do, and wear, when death comes knocking.

Building on oral traditions, parables, and the rich history of artists as storytellers, PEN DIY celebrates how literature can help us make sense of our lives.

Hosted by Angela Ledgerwood.

Doors at 7:30, program at 8. Tickets are $10/$8 for PEN Members.

CHICAGO book publication party
chicago desert island

Night of A Thousand Sketches

The Cartoon Art Museum winds down its current locationwith a huge party including:

Gary Amaro (Sandman)
Brent Eric Anderson (Astro City)
Mark Badger (Batman)
Elizabeth Beier (We Belong, caricatures)
Mark Bode (TMNT, Cobalt-60)
Maureen Burdock (The F Word Project)
Kyle Cabral (Game Design, caricatures)
Michael Capozzola (Surveillance Caricatures)
Peter Conrad (Cringe)
Steve Englehart (The Avengers, Detective Comics)
Greg Espinoza (Pug)
Andrew Farago (TMNT)
Shaenon K. Garrity (Skin Horse)
Al Gordon (Justice League)
Mick Gray (Batman and Robin)
Alan Groening (Animation Mountain)
Mike Hales (Wobbly Art)
Gene Hamm (Hell Toupee)
Matt Harding (PopApocalypse)
Andy Hartzell (Fox Bunny Funny)
Mark Haven Britt (Monument)
Nathan Heigert (Shade)
Sinclair Klugarsh (Faith No More)
Brian Kolm (Atomic Bear Press)
Vincent Kukua (Image Comics)
Karen Luk (Steampunk ABC)
Larry Luna (Lenerd)
Lee Mars (Pudge, Girl Blimp)
Pete McDonnell (Marvel Comics, caricatures)
Frederick Noland (SF Weekly)
Melissa Paglucia (Above the Clouds)
Jeff Plotkin (Happy Freak Show)
Mark Simmons (2000 AD)
Nina Taylor Kester (PEANUTS)
Robert Triptow (Gay Comix)
Chuck Whelon (Pewfell)




A Pictopia to Call One’s Own: Independent Worlds vs. Corporate Crossovers

An illustrated lecture by Dr. Dandy Don!

Wizard World Pittsburgh Comic Con 2015 in Pittsburgh
Friday, September 11, 2015
4:30pm – 5:15pm
Room 301

Cartoonists have imagined original universes for their characters since the earliest comics strips, but comics’ biggest shared universes also started out as unique creator visions (DCU formed from Siegel and Shuster’s Superman, Bob Kane’s Batman, and William Moulton Marston’s Wonder Woman; Marvel from the combined imaginations of Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko). Is the difference between an independent vision or a corporate crossover merely a signature on a contract? What happens when creators like Alan Moore, Kurt Busiek, or the Image Founders turn the tables on the shared universe concept to create independent worlds of their own? Donald E. Simpson, PhD in art history and creator of Megaton Man and Bizarre Heroes, narrates an engaging slide show presentation on the historic origins and evolution of team-ups, crossovers, and shared worlds, reflecting on his own collaboration with Alan Moore (1963 and “In Pictopia”) and participation in Red Anvil Comics’ current mega-crossover, War of the Independents.

Don Simpson is the creator of Megaton Man and a 30-year veteran of the comic book industry, and received a PhD in History of Art and Architecture from the University of Pittsburgh in 2013. He is currently at work on a new Megaton Man narrative.




Pittsburgh is a comics town and has produced some legendary creators. Every year our city sees the debut of more and more creators who self-publish books, create online content, and produce work for major publishers. With dozens of writers and artists producing a wide variety of comics arts, the current scene in Pittsburgh is as vibrant as ever, perhaps even more so.

The DRAWN IN PITTSBURGH exhibit is an effort to showcase the breadth of styles and ideas being produced in our region at this moment. Included are works from professional artists who have had long careers in the comics industry, as well as newer artists just beginning to find bigger audiences. The ToonSeum is proud of our local creators and considers them all deserving of wider appreciation.

This party will also coincide with TWO OTHER AWESOME EVENTS… the New Dimension Comics Wizard World Welcome Party and a book signing and short presentation by Award-winning artist Steven Cerio who will sign copies of his new book, SUNBEAM ON THE ASTRONAUT (Wow Cool/Alternative Comics, 2015), and screen examples of his films.

This event is free and open to the public. We encourage people that attend this event to support the museum and make a donation. Invite your fans and friends to join us at DRAWN IN PITTSBURGH, and discover something new while exploring the work of our local heroes at the ToonSeum!


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